Batwoman news: A new character seems to become the Batwoman for season 2!?

This post represent the knowledge on June 3, 2020.
Not so accurate anymore….
It strongly seems that not only Ruby Rose isn’t returning to the show, her whole character will be exchanged by some reports!
Which means that Kate Kane wouldn’t be the Batwoman anymore!
Instead the casting call for the new Batwoman character reads like this:
“….he new character is named “Ryan Wilder” (whether that’s a placeholder name is unclear) and is described as a woman in her mid-20s who “is about to become Batwoman.”
“She’s likable, messy, a little goofy and untamed. She’s also nothing like Kate Kane, the woman who wore the batsuit before her,” the notice reads, according to Decider. “With no one in her life to keep her on track, Ryan spent years as a drug-runner, dodging the GCPD and masking her pain with bad habits. A girl who would steal milk for an alley cat could also kill you with her bare hands, Ryan is the most dangerous type of fighter: highly skilled and wildly undisciplined. An out lesbian. Athletic. Raw. Passionate. Fallible. And very much not your stereotypical All-American hero.”
I thought it would be some very quiet months after season 1 has ended and it was announced that season 2 won’t start until january.
How wrong I was!
First the news with Ruby ….and now this!!!!
Which now brings up so much more questions!
How will Kate Kane exit the show?
I mean, if Ruby isn’t there they can’t have any more scenes with Kate…only some scenes with Batwoman, where she is only shown from certain angles so it wouldn’t be 100% clear that it isn’t Ruby under that cowl.
So does Kate just leaves without any scenes at all in the first episode?
Or will Batwoman (the Kate Kane version) be killed in the very first episode of season 2?
I don’t think they can make this drastic change look any “good” in that first episode….
And having a completely new Batwoman would really make look season 1 ….bad. All these storyline would be ended so abruptly, that it would feel weird at least…
With the introduction of a new character the whole Kate/Alice/Mary/Jacob relationsships collapse. And the new Bruce Wayne storyline would make way less sense.
I hope that somehow that isn’t true and WB/CW will make an official announcement that this news is “fake”.
I was somehow ok with Ruby leaving, even I thought she did make a good job.
But this now…..brings up some many question marks!
Will Kate Kane return at some point?
On Twitter I read the theory that this new Batwoman would be a temporary replacement and that Kate Kane would return at some point.
Well, ok, this could work, but why would they do it?
Right now they have enough time to re-cast Kate before they start filming….
*EDIT* …..UNLESS….they already have a Kate Kane/Batwoman! But that actress is bound to other projects for the next months/year and will join the show at a later point. Of course then Kate can’t be killed in the first episode of season 2….she would need to disapear.
The character would then return to the show and lead the team afterwards. (ok, just my wishful thinking 😉 )


Hopefully there will be more news on this very soon!!!


4 thoughts on “Batwoman news: A new character seems to become the Batwoman for season 2!?”

  1. Wild prediction: Jacob Kane’s war on Batwoman results in Kate’s death (off-screen) and identity being revealed. Mary and Luke continue on, though obviously limited without Kate. Fast forward a few months/years, and Ryan Wilder discovers the batcave and Batwoman suit ala Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis. Or Sophie “discovers” her and introduces her to the group.^

    Jacob is disgraced and steps down from the Crows. Perhaps he becomes a Jim Gordon type for the new Batwoman?

    Alice is driven further mad by Kate’s death so she sticks around (though I wish she wouldn’t — she overstayed her welcome by about 10 episodes).

    Hush’s Wayne persona could have “taken over” Bruce’s companies at this point so maybe the groups’ mission is to stop him. *shrug*

    ^Wild twist: Sophie becomes a Robin/Nightwing-style sidekick.

    • Welcome back after 7 years! 😉

      Interesting prediction, you put some thought into it 🙂
      I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that Kate/Batwoman will disapear in the first episode of season 2. Don’t know why.
      This way she might return at a later point in the show. Perhaps they have already a new actress for the Kate Kane role, but she is occupied with other roles right now.
      It will be interesting how the new Batwoman character will be introduced. I am wondering if they will design a new costume and cowl for season 2?
      The costume should stay very similiar, perhaps another materials here and there. The cowl shouldn’t be changed much, I liked all the versions they came up with so far.
      As long the mask has the ears and conceals most of the face…it would be ok with it.
      You don’t seem to like Alice and her part so far. I like her for all her crazyness, Rachel Skarsten does a great job in playing her. And I like her storyline and interactions with Kate and Jacob.
      Another question will be how her role will change? What is she up to after Kate is gone? She might go after Jacob…but there has to be more.
      Sophie as a sidekick? Well, only if she gets kicked out of the crows.
      I would rather see Julia in that role.

      Well, the next months will be very exciting….as we know nearly nothing now.

      • I feel like Alice’s role should have been to show Kate that she’ll sometimes have to make hard decisions as the Bat.

        She could be Batwoman’s Joker, in that she’ll always be there because the Bats won’t kill (except when they do lol) just shouldn’t be around full time.

        I guess Sophie could fill the Gordon role if she stuck with the Crows. *But* I think if the Crows are the reason that Kate’s gone (in whatever capacity that might be), she’d want nothing to do with them anymore.

        I also can’t see Julia sticking around with Kate gone. But I guess they can still use her to at least pay off on the Safiyah thing.

        Actually, the more I think about it, what if Kate disappears in the same way Bruce did? That allows for a new Batwoman, while giving a reason to keep the core group *and* gives Ruby an opportunity to come back if she chooses even if it’s more limited.

        Completely honest but before this Ruby Rose news broke, I was done with the show after the season finale. It just didn’t do enough for me to keep my attention. Now I’m willing to give it another chance at least.

        I’ve “lurked” around the site these past 7 years but never really felt the need to comment. Coming across orb305/Spider-Woman Reloaded’s work recently thanks to you sorta reignited a flame.

        • “I feel like Alice’s role should have been to show Kate that she’ll sometimes have to make hard decisions as the Bat. ”
          —- I think she often did that. For a while Kate didn’t go after her like she would have been after a “normal” criminal. But in the end she locks her up in Arkham.

          I think as Julia is together with Sophie, she wouldn’t want to leave now. And as she doesn’t work for the british intelligence anymore….she may wanna stay in Gotham anyhow.

          Yeah, I would prefer Kate disapearing as well (my first comment). Even I don’t think Ruby will ever come back.

          Well, glad you will continue to watch the show! 🙂
          And that you left the shadows and commented again!
          Input is always welcome.


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