Batwoman, season 2, episode 1 “Whatever happened to Kate Kane?” [Review]

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6 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 1 “Whatever happened to Kate Kane?” [Review]”

  1. I think Kate is dead. Ruby was definitely fired, so she’s not gonna come back. Anticlimactic as hell but what are you gonna do?

    I think this is also the reason for the kryptonite wound Ryan has. If they lose this actress, it’s an easy way to get rid of Ryan. Say it’s like cancer or poison or something.

    Kinda wish they’d swapped Tommy Elliot being sent away for Alice. Let him be the recurring villain for a bit (trying to fight someone who knows what Tommy knows now would have presented unique challenges at least), while Ryan makes her name as Batwoman. Then Alice can come back since Ryan can never be or replace Kate.

    I think my only other complaint was the opening. Way too convenient and quick in establishing Ryan as Batwoman in the first few minutes. Should’ve been the middle or maybe the ending, and have it be a 2 parter.

    • Thanks for the comment!
      Well, I think too that Ruby won’t come back to the show. But I also think that Kate Kane is gonna return with a new actress 😉

      Yeah, it’s a possibility that the Kryptonite in Ryan may be a backdoor to get her out of the show. In the end I think that is rather unlikely to happen as they just added a new character to the show that people will feel connected to.
      I would rather suggest that Kate should return at the end of the season and team up with Ryan for season 3.
      Yeah, it was a very easy way for Ryan to get her hands on the suit, but I think it was ok as they had to put quite a lot in the episode as I think they wanted to finish the “Kate chapter” for now.

      I find it kind of off that you only listed the few things you didn’t like. But I guess that is your way of saying that you generally liked the episode? 😉

      • Yeah, no other complaints. Fine episode given what they had to work with.

        Although, Jacob Kane claiming he’d run off Batwoman was a bit odd since it had only been a few days.

        And again losing Tommy as Fake Bruce after one episode seems really shortsighted.

        Hopefully this Safiyah can take center stage soon because I really cannot stand Alice. Really wish Good Beth had lived.

          • That was an old picture of Kate/Ruby, 99% sure. Ruby didn’t have to show up for that one.
            And it can’t be a new picture since she has nearly no hair at all since she left the show.

        • Interesting how divided the people are about Alice.
          She is a 100% psycho and deserved to be put in Arkham. Many complaint about that as they thought Kate had “betrayed” her by doing that. I think it was a good call by her back then.
          I do like her and the very good play by Rachel Skarsten.
          I think Safiyah will be the main villain, but Alice will keep a big role I guess. Black Mask and other villains will pop up as well.


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