Batwoman got RENEWED for season 3!!!!

I’m am verrrrry HAPPY right now! Fantastic news!

It is so great that any doubt of a season 3 is gone so early on!

The CW renewed 12 of their shows very early on, love how they handle their shows, in contrast to “cancel-Netflix”

Now I will have my special Batwoman shot….or two….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The article:

*EDIT, February 4*:

A good overview of the renewed shows on the CW:

(click to enlarge)


I updated my page about the timeline of the Batwoman TV show and my page about the cowls/masks of the show!

Feel welcome to check them out!


I also used my new browser extension to correct quite many (grammar/spelling) mistakes I made in the 20 reviews of season 1.

Should have got such a useful tool way earlier!

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