A villainous couple in their full face mask disguises [FFMTISE]

Ok, in the past I posted practically no scenes with unmasking where a woman is wearing a “full-face mask to impersonate someone else” aka a FFMTISE (my newly created short form πŸ˜‰ )

Time to change that!

I wanna start with a rather new scene from 2022 that most of you won’t know… I guess.

In this one, we have a villainous couple and their special disguises.


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Here is the video:

Quite odd how her haircut slightly changes between the two scenes even though all that is happening on the same day πŸ˜†

Ok, first of all, I love it when a woman impersonates another (attractive) woman with such a mask.

In the first movie of this movie series, she was impersonating a very old woman, which I don’t find very interesting… unless someone would figure it out and try to unmask her.

Yeah, it’s only a self-unmasking in front of someone who already knows who is behind the mask.

Also, the CGI effects of the unmasking(s) are really bad.

Yeah, this isn’t a Hollywood movie with a big budget like Mission Impossible where you have such unmaskings quite often.

Such masks aren’t easy to make but it is doable …even without a big budget.

The lazy and cheap CGI solution looks really bad and ruins the unmasking to a certain degree (for me) πŸ™

Ok, I guess many “normal” folks without an unmasking fetish won’t care much when πŸ˜†

Primarily I am a little disappointed how little these new movies with Diabolik are doing with secret identities.

I mean he is a criminal who is wearing a latex mask(!) during his heists and she becomes his accomplice in the first movie.

So, I hoped that she would put on a latex mask herself… but no luck (so far).

Another hope I have is that someone will figure out that something is wrong when she is wearing such a FFMTISE.

The person then would reach for her mask, damaging it, thereby verifying that it is actually a mask and not a real face.

And then they would struggle and the person would try everything to fully unmask her!

I would love to see that one day…

Wanna know the name of the movie?



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