A woman disguised as a female arms dealer [FFMTISE]

One more “full-face mask to impersonate someone else” aka a FFMTISE (my newly created short-form 😉 ) for this week!

In this one, we have a woman disguising herself as a villainous (female) arms dealer to fool some folks!


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Here is the video:

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I could have made the scene longer, but I wanted the video really short so it could be posted on YouTube.

Don’t think they allow (much) longer vids from that movie there..


Yeah, it is just a self-unmasking and they “cheated” with the camera moving behind her head like that.

I guess that way she could just wear a very simple, plain face mask on her head.

But nevertheless, it’s still a nice reveal when she yanks that face and wig off her head.

The real villainess just walked in a little too late… otherwise, they most probably would have unmasked her…  #timing

Wanna know the name of the movie?


What do you think about this scene?

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