Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover [incl. Batwoman Episode 9]

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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episodes before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episodes before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episodes before you continue!]



The big Crossover has finally arrived and the battle of the Multiverse has started. What will happen to all these worlds? And who will die to save the Multiverse?


My highlights from episodes 1-3…without any special order:

1 – The cameos! For me, it was especially great to see Kevin Conroy as an old, -turned evil- Batman…and Ashley Scott as Huntress! Tom Welling (“Smallville”), Burt Ward (Robin), Wil Wheaton, and Robert Wuhl (Alexander Knox in the old Batman movies) were also great additions.

2 – All these heroes teaming up! There were already Crossovers in the past, but nothing of this scale! Great to see how they interact with each other, especially Batwoman/Kate with Kara and Lex.

3 – Unexpected twists! Well, the fact that Oliver would die in the Crisis wasn’t a surprise, but that he sacrificed himself at the end of part 1 was a BIG surprise. Also that they tried to get him resurrected and failed with that.

4 – Crossover jokes! And I mean the jokes ABOUT the crossover. Like: “Ignore him, that is his first Crossover!” 🙂

Ok, first of all, in general, I prefer heroes without superpowers and heroes that don’t have a big team around them. Like Arrow in the early seasons.

But once in a while, it’s enjoyable for me to have such a BIG team-fight event like this one. And this one is the biggest one I witnessed/will witness (part 4+5)… on TV so far.

I do NOT know the comic Crisis on Infinite Earths. And I won’t read it now because of the possible spoilers. So I don’t have a clue how close this TV crossover is to the comics.

And now some unsorted thoughts on parts 1-3:

— Some of the camera work was outstanding (below normal) for me, especially in the fight scenes with the shadow demons….really cool camera tracking as the camera moves swiftly around the heroes.

— Oliver’s end was itself very unspectacular since it wasn’t shown, some of these demons hit him…..he runs out of ammo and starts to run toward them….cut. The rest has to come from the imagination. His last moments with the other heroes were done really well, even it could be more emotional for me as I thought, maybe he comes back, gets resurrected by someone…there are quite some possibilities. After all the death in the Arrowverse isn’t often as “final” as it normally is. 😉

— The jokes were quite good for most of the times! Only in one case, I rolled with my eyes…as the crying baby interrupted the speech from the monitor several times….

— In the fight with the demons you could easily spot (at one point) one of the stunt doubles for Batwoman, even with the mask on …as she jumps around in one take.

— The scene where Batwoman unmasks herself before the other heroes was very interesting for me! Batwoman started with a major mistake by calling Supergirl “Kara”, not a move without risk to call a hero by her real name like that in front of a big audience. The unmasking was the usual cheating method with magically disappearing eye paint and the cowl was already off as they showed Batwoman transforming into Kate. I don’t think you can pull off that cowl as easy as it looked.

— The talk between the 2046 version of Oliver and Sara was very important to show his importance and give him a proper goodbye. Really like the dialogue between them

— Kate and Kara have some great scenes in these parts. Their visit to evil Batman Kevin Conroy was my personal highlight so far. He really showed how a hero can go completely off the rails and becomes one of the monsters he was fighting against all the time. The mansion had a great atmosphere.

— It was nice to see Mia’s new Arrow costume! I really hope it comes with a mask in the new show, even she hadn’t one so far.

— The “sixpack”-version of Luke was an interesting contrast to the tech-nerd Luke from the Batwoman show

— Also really liked the scenes between Kate and Lex.  Best moment: “Lex: And you are? — Kate: new, and unfriendly!” 🙂

— As much as I enjoyed seeing Ashley Scott as Huntress again…her scene was so short and due to the red/orange skies, you couldn’t get a really good look at her.

— It seems like Black Lightning is now officially introduced into the Arrowverse, that was about time!

— I really like the score in this one. Some above average tracks especially when it comes to Oliver and Batman’s mansion.

— I hope that there will be more good action scenes in the other 2 parts. The fight with the SupermEn was unspectacular but ok for TV. The fight with the demon was nice, but they were just random CGI monsters that just fly into someone as an attack…not SO interesting. Looking forward to the fight with the Anti-monitor and hopefully some powerful allies(?).

— The scenes with Kate and Kara and the Kryptonite were good. I liked how Kate stopped Kara from using the book and thereby maybe sealing the fate of everyone.

The fact that Kate still has the Kryptonite….could be a nice hint for a possible conflict between them in the future! Batman and Superman had their problems with each other sometimes….why shouldn’t it be different between Batwoman and Supergirl. Although I think that Kara’s and Kate’s bond is VERY strong.

— At the end of part 3 it seems that all efforts were pretty much for nothing. Oliver sacrificed himself to rescue people who were killed some hours later as the wave destroyed their new home planet.

—-> After seeing the 3 parts and the trailer for the last 2 my main question is how the Crossover will really affect the Arrowverse!

For example Black Lighting: His family and all he knows is dead now! His TV show couldn’t really go on after that. So, I believe that a lot of the bad things that happened so far …will be reversed somehow. Some of the heroes have died already and will die in the other 2 episodes. I don’t expect one of the “big” heroes to die, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if a certain character would die to save the Multiverse.

*NEW* My highlights from episodes 4 and 5…without any special order:

1 – The ending! The ending made me verrrry curious about how it will affect each show. Hoes does the new “order” change things? And how for whom?

Well, I guess we will know in about a week from now!

2 – Flashbacks! It was very cool to revisiting iconic moments in the history of some of the shows.

3 – A proper farewell for the Arrow! As Oliver even died twice in the Crossover, there was enough time to give him a proper farewell. Especially in the last episode with the glass cabinet and the flame and also the empty spot at the table.

4 – More Crossover jokes! Some really funny or iconic lines like: “Do you capes every watch a movie?” – “Up, up and away!” – “Was that a crossover we were invited to?” (something like that) – “I don’t want my kids to watch that show” (something like that)

I was disappointed how less screentime Batwoman/Kate got in the last episodes and in general. Supergirl, the Flash, and Arrow were the main roles for the last episodes. Batwoman/Kate had only a few single lines and wasn’t really shown in combat. And I would say that most/all of these action scenes were performed by her stunt doubles.

You can clearly enjoy the Crossover better if you have seen all the episodes of the shows so far. Especially these flashback moments. That was rewarding for the long time fans! 🙂

Lex Luthor is now the big boss of the DEO. He knows all secret or most secret identities of these heroes. Will he take advantage of that? Wonder how all this will continue!

These shadow demons weren’t really interesting/cool as enemies. Completely CGI and too easily to beat.

And the anti-monitor wasn’t a really interesting villain. Like most of the times when they need a villain to find so many heroes.

I really love the fact that all the Arrowverse heroes now are all on ONE earth (Earth-Prime)!

The justice league table at the end offers a lot of possibilities for the future! When and how will they team up? Against whom? Will we see more crossovers in the future? Perhaps even with “only” two members like in the early days of the Arrowverse?


>>> Rating “General:” <<<

(3,5 out of 5 – Good Crossover with big consequences!)



Batwoman screen time:  Part 1: long cut  – 06:21. She doesn’t appear at all in part 2 and 3 (at least not masked, only in the suit in part 3) –

Part 4:  — Part 5:

(will be added in the next days)

“Mask action” (highlighted if yes): – attempted unmaskings – forced unmaskings – self unmaskings (without witness) – self unmaskings (with a witness) – unmaskings –

mask damage – “mask talk” (incl. “secret identity talk”) – additional masked women  –

 Who knows her secret identity by now?:

… category will be active again after the crossover….

Sexy “mask-related” -scenes:

 Batwoman unmasks in front of a bunch of heroes! (see above for details)


>>> Rating “Mask”: <<<


(2.5 out of 5 – Not much Batwoman screentime for 5 episodes. A nice self-unmasking in front of the other heroes (with cut).)



…doesn’t make any sense to do it now….



Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 3:

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Part 4:

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Part 5:

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And here are my special Batwoman cuts from these episodes:

Part 1:

Part 2:

No Batwoman, “just Kate”

Part 3:

No “complete” Batwoman, she wears the costume but not the mask

Part 4:

Some Batwoman fight scenes, but no close-ups (I guess most/all of it was done by the stuntwomen)

Part 5:

+ Some Batwoman fight scenes, but all in a big fight, no close-ups, I am pretty sure that Ruby wasn’t under that cowl at any time then

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