Maskripper VIP Club: January 2024

Happy New Year folks! I wish you a great new year!


New month/year, new content for the VIP Club here on Maskripper!

>>>>> I updated the VIP-Club with new material! <<<<<


3 videos … have been uploaded for this month!

In one XXX video Robin and Batgirl can’t keep their lust for each other under control anymore.

In another video, you will find one of my favorite unmaskings from GIGA. A full face mask gets ripped and torn. Wonderful! 🙂

In the third video, a gorgeous Spider-girl gets captured by a guy who has special plans with her (no XXX involved)

+ You will have FULL access to my 3 (self-written) Maskripper fetish stories (2 over 15 pages, one with 8 pages)!

Catwoman – the masked scuba thief [PREVIEW VERSION]

A nightly visitor – A Catwoman tale [PREVIEW VERSION]

+ The rising star and her dark secret (no preview available)

(A rising star enjoys having anonymous latex sex until one guy gets…..curious to see who is under that mask and catsuit ;-))

+ You will have access to my Maskripper trailer with the original audio instead of the music

Wanna donate some bucks, show your support for this blog (actually help to keep it running), and get good videos and fetish stories in return?

…then JOIN the VIP club on Maskripper!

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