Catwoman VS Cop – Unmasking action! (Catwoman movie)

Well, my opinion about the Catwoman movie: All in all it sucks big time! The costume is sexy as hell but yet a joke! Her mask is nice (covers most the important parts) but misses any security measures (like a chin strap), you could simply pull it off without problems. You never see Catwoman unmasked (in costume but without the mask)…. But at least it has an unmasking attempt by the clumsy detective! So this scene is a good one in my eyes!

(click to enlarge)

So here is the scene:

Your opinion about the scene and the movie in general?


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  1. Movie was a giant waste. Her costume was too stupid (her cowl is ok) and the tone was too goofy. I’m not saying it had to be super dark or anything but a somewhat serious tone with some sense of drama would’ve helped wonders. Similar to the Burton films that were still over the top but not as saccharine as this film or Raimi’s Spider-Man movies ( which I’m not a fan of but still much better than Catwoman). I think it would’ve been cool to have a black Catwoman who is a hero in her own universe without having to worry about being Batman’s cocksleeve. After all if you’re a cape comic fan then the idea of alternate universes and alt versions of a character is nothing new. But the writers and directors completey dropped the ball and something like this wont be attempted again sadly.

    And to think we could’ve had a scene in a sequel where Halle Berry is unmasked by some villain or something. Dayum shame

    • That was a little witty I agree. Though I wish he had yanked it off her face mid-quip just to leave her speechless and us poor viewers with an exposed Ptience Philips


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