3 women in gas masks rob a bank!

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this TV episode!

In this one, we have 3 female bank robbers in gas masks(!) as they rob a bank πŸ™‚


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Here is the video:

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Ok, well…. that sounded (much) better on paper… in my opinion.

First, the scene is very short.

Then you have verrrrry unfitting girl-pop music and weird slow-motion in it! WHYYYYY??????!!!???

Two really horrific choices πŸ™

But…. on the good side, you have 3 women in gas masks (and a dude) who rob a bank! Great scenario πŸ™‚

Certainly, this scene would also fit my Frogwoman.org blog as the gas masks are not only to keep their identity a secret but also they are needed as a breathing device against

the tear gas.

Also, I like the quick costume change (also much too quick) where they change from menacing bank robbers in gas masks to innocent women in seconds.

They are perfectly disguised with these jumpsuits and Kevlar vests. #goodjob

All in all…. this scene could have been much better with such a great scenario! Imagine a security guard or a cop grabbing for one of those gas masks!

Trying to unmask them in order to use the gas mask for himself/herself and thereby exposing that unmasked face to witnesses and/or cameras….

Sadly, they don’t appear again in those outfits later on in the episode.

Side note: Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleeth is also in the episode… and she made it into some videos on my other blog.


Here is the IMDB page of the TV episode:



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