Stargirl, Season 3, episode 7 [short review]

Oh boy….

After the last episode had FINALLY a decent fight scene with Wildcat…  this episode has nothing to offer again in that department.

Again, Stargirl and Wildcat aren’t in the episode at all.

I mean this was episode 7 of this season. If I count all the minutes where Stargirl and Wildcat are on screen…. I probably end up around 10 or 12 minutes in TOTAL.

Plus the episode was actually quite… boring. I don’t care about all the Green Lantern stuff and stopped paying full attention as the whole thing was explained.

Too much fantasy with folks I don’t care about.

The next episode will be part 2 (of 2) of this “Infinity” arc.

So, I don’t have much hope for some superheroine action there as well.

This season really stretches my patience big time.

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