Stargirl, Season 3, episode 5 [short review]

Well, this season is pretttttty slow so far and this episode is a good example of it.

I somehow have the feeling they created the storyline and then someone mentioned that they have to stretch it to make a full season out of it.

The main plot is moving ahead very slowly and all sorts of side stories are going on.

Yeah, all that is interesting and I still enjoy watching the show…. but… the title of the show gets more and more unfitting.

Stargirl isn’t in this episode at all as Courtney is fully occupied with being in love…

At least Wildcat has two short scenes but without action. 🙁

The trailer promised more than the episode had.

Starman and his anger management issues are more annoying by now than entertaining.

The big bad should show up really soon now as the whole mystery gets a little overdone by now.

Come on Stargirl producers!

I wanna see some action, some bad guys, and Stargirl, Wildcat & Co in ACTION!

This season is MUCH more a teenie drama than a superhero show.

Yeah, I know the CW likes it that way… but come on, just a couple of minutes of action per episode isn’t asked too much.

I hope the rest of the season will deliver more….

So far it’s not known if there will be a season 4 of this show, but I guess we will know soon.

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