Gotham Knights [Videogame]

Time to make a post here about “Gotham Knights”, not the CW TV show, but the video game!

The game will actually finally be released on October 21…. this October, which means it’s only 2 weeks away.

The standard Batgirl costume here isn’t so great.

A purple, unsexy costume and that…. “mask” …..

…..BUT….. I recently read that there will be over 50(!!!) different costumes and suit modifications for the 4 heroes…in total.

So… that leaves at least a dozen costumes and modifications for Batgirl! 🙂


I collected some images from different costumes and masks for you guys:

(click to enlarge)

Well, for some reason I am now much more motivated to play this game 😉

I am very curious to see all the different costumes and cowls for her!

Damn, how great would it be if there would be a cutscene after she is defeated where the goons rip her cowl apart and unmask her 😉

But, I guess, that will stay a dream.


And here is a trailer with Batgirl in action (in the 2nd half with interesting costumes):

Well, I’m not sure if I will buy that for full price when it comes out… but I will buy it sooner or later.

I enjoyed the Arkham games and looking forward to this.

Hopefully, it will be …at least.. a solid game.

But when I can play with Batgirl and all these suits… that’s already a great reason to buy the game 😉

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