The perfect unmasking of a superheroine… in my opinion ;-)

It’s time for another article of my “in my opinion” -series!

You can find a lot of unmasking-related stuff on the internet. Clips, pictures, movies, TV-series, fan art…. And I have seen quite a lot I would say, but there are so few really good unmaskings. So my hunt for the perfect unmasking (or at least close to perfect) is still going on. So, what would it need to produce it?

1) A sexy and strong (secured) mask that really hides the secret identity: 95% of the videos I’ve seen don’t have that! They often have crappy eye-masks…they doesn’t hide anything, are unsexy (most of the time) and every child could pull it off easily. That is no fun for me!

For example: The batgirl mask in the “Birds of Prey” TV-series (can be found on the left side): It’s one of the better ones….it’s sexy, could (perhaps) even hide her secret identity. But Lady Shiva grabs it and pulls it off easily without problems. That is sooo lame! It’s a sexy scene, but could be so much better… Batgirl’s mask should give her safety and security…. Fail!

So, what is a great, perhaps perfect example for a safe and sexy mask? Batman’s mask! It hides the identity really well, is secured to his suit and it’s sexy too. (Especially the rubber version from Tim Burton Batman movies). Nobody could grab it and pull that one off without having some serious problems. Of course I know that those masks costs many bucks, but it’s a required investment in my eyes. The famous Batgirl mask from ReevzFX would be a solid (cheaper) choice. That one has at least a chin strap in comparison to the “Birds of Prey” version. And would prevent a swift “pull off” unmasking.

2) A hot woman/actress that actually can act (at least a little): The woman behind the mask needs to act in a proper way, when she is in danger of being unmasked, because that should be her greatest fear as a superheroine! When she is under the (right) mask, you only see her eyes and her mouth. She needs to deliver her emotions, that you believe it would be the worst thing for her…to be unmasked. When I watch many of these cheaply produced (but expensively sold) superheroine-clips…. I don’t know if I should start crying or laughing (or both) when the unmasking happens on the screen. That kills the whole atmosphere! It seems that some breast implants are the only needed qualification for a role in a flick for some producers.

3) A great unmasking fight/struggle: Ok, we have the first two points, the basic requirements for my perfect unmasking. Now to the toughest point! To get a great unmasking the heroine must be able to fight! If she is bound or even worse…unconcious, it’s not really sexy for me! And the struggle should take several minutes not seconds. The unmasker should need several attacks on the mask. WIth every try…the mask gets damaged a little more. For that you need a flexible, but strong material of course (therefore the rubber batman mask). The unmasker should stretch the material, ripping it, the heroine is fighting back of course. She kicks his ass several times, tries to finish him off, she is tough, strong and aggressive. But the unmasker isn’t a simple street thug, he knows what he is doing…. and the final unmasking due to the total destruction of the mask would be the dramatic climax. 😉

During the struggle they should exchange some lines about it. Like: Who is hiding behind the mask? Who are you really? Let us find out who the mighty Batgirl (or whoever) is? And the classics: “No! Don’t do it!” would be great as well. And she would express that she would kick his ass to save her secret identity…. (And the unmasker might be a woman as well)

Perhaps I will write a little story with Batgirl or Catwoman about it. I’m not really good at writing, but perhaps I’ll give it a try….

Now, enough written, time for some pictures… some guys helped me to get some cool picture-manipulations done, with favorite actresses of mine under the Batman mask that I would prefer.  Two of the best pics they made for me are these:

Batgirl / Batwoman VS Catwoman - Photo manipulation -  Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson
Catwoman and a Batwoman / Batgirl 😉 – Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson
Batgirl / Batwoman - Photo manipulation - Scarlett Johansson
Batgirl / Batwoman – Scarlett Johansson


P.S.: Of course the rest of the outfit except the mask is really important as well. For me a (more or less professional made) suit would be great! Such as the one in Birds of Prey, or in some of the great cosplays by fans.

How would your favorite unmasking look like? Feel free to share your thoughts about it!

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  1. There’s a nice scene in a Japanese video where a bull-styled villain unmasks, what I guess is, a Catwoman styled heroine. Great struggle, she fights for a good minute or so before he manages to pull the mask off. The moment the mask finally pops off, she drops her face into her hands with a great defeated look. The villain just stands back looking at his prize and laughing.

    As for what I really want in an unmasking scene? Build up. Heroine can be conscious, knocked out, tied up, whatever. I just wanna know the villain intends to unmask her. A slow unmasking is also nice. Maybe some playful pulling on the mask (The Adversary). Ever since I saw the unmasking attempt in the first Michael Keaton Batman film, I’ve had a thing for pinching the nose of a mask and pulling it up. Slowly.

    • Yeah that’s a real good one indeed! Shadowcat was her name. And regarding the Micheal Keaton Batman, yes that scene in the first movie was great. And in the 2nd movie the self unmasking from Catwoman and Batman were really cool, maybe they triggered my unmasking interest…

  2. those are great points….. losing her mask should be a great LOSS for the heroíne. in our first fan film (Neko Mask Girl), my friend Carlos and I tried to do a partial unmasking, ripping off the heroine’s mask….our problem was that the mask (a luchadora mask) was very hard to rip off and was tied very well to the actress’ head so in the fight between the bad guy and her the mask didn’t ripp off as planned, but only unsettles a little bit. then, in the villain’s lair scene Carlos “fixed” the mask so I (I was the bad guy…) could ripp it a lot easier (trivia: no one remembers where that mask is…. seems like we forgot it at the location).
    now, we are preáring a new video, and be sure that your opinion will be important for the fight scenes’ development.

    • Oh Felix, that sounds really great! Well the article only reflect my personal opinion about my perfect unmasking scene, I guess most of the folks would imagine it in a different way, but that’s how it is, many people, many different ideas….. Looking forward to see it your next movie!

  3. I like to be tied up with a fabric mask like Batgirl’s in the comic books. And the villain has to taunt and gloat and threaten her with what is going to do to her and how he will ruin her career.

  4. “As for what I really want in an unmasking scene? Build up.” I agree. However, the heroine MUST be awake for me. She has to struggle and be aware of her helplessness to stop the unmasking. The Adversary videos were tremendous! I didn’t care for the masks because they were not fitted, but I completely understand cost factors. I enjoyed Neko Mask Girl. Not a big fan of mask ripping, but I love lucha libre masks. I always like when they are unlaced as the lady is slowly unmasked. It is frustrating that the guys pull masks all the time in the ring, but the ladies never do. I appreciate everyone’s efforts in this specialized genere.

  5. What I wouldn’t give to see Scarlett Johansson as Batgirl!

    My perfect unmasking, gee… I’m a pan-unmasking guy; I like almost any heroine unmasking. But for the unmasking that would explode my brain: She would have to be Batgirl (or possibly the red suit Spider Woman). She has to be gorgeous, but in a “girl next door” way. Her costume is based on the overall pattern established by some of the cartoon series Batgirls — jet black suit and mask, yellow boots, gloves and insignia. I think DarkWing Flies Solo’s costume got pretty close (except the mask, which I’ll get into, and the front zipper, (although i DID like the result!).

    I don’t like anybody’s Batgirl mask. Maybe there’s one out their, but I’ve never seen it. Maybe it’s impossible to make right. To me it needs to be all one piece with her cape, even covering her throat but with her hair flowing out a slot in the back. And it needs to be made, at least for the most part, out of substantial, very tight fitting cloth — but not spandex. Just perfectly fitted cloth. That way it can tear in a struggle (my preferred form if battle damage — ripped costume) but on good enough that it doesn’t shift on her head and takes some real effort to remove once she’s defeated. It’s not as important to me that it will protect her head like a helmet or anything. My overall goal is a particular way for the mask to come off, which is for the criminal to have to reach his fingers beneath the nose area and pull it up and back over her head until it lays at the nape of her nape of her neck like a hoodie. Don’t ask me why, but to me that’s the sexiest way of all to unmask Batgirl, and the sexiest mask to use.

    There has to be an epic battle where it is completely obvious, especially to Batgirl, that the only goal is to get her mask. Not too picky about where but I do especially like a scenario where BG is fighting a gang that’s working for a Kingpin who wants her mask at any cost. There have to be lots of ‘almost unmaskings’ during the fight — little ones where a thug tugs at one of her bat ears to get an advantage, and big ones where it finally looks like she’s doomed but she barely gets away. It should be clear that her mask is her weakness and BG should feel that way to. And it may be the influence of the Batman and Wonder Woman shows but my favorite way for BG to finally be defeated is by being gassed — not chloroform on a hanky but a billowing cloud of white narcotic smoke squirted in her face. And then she should be tied up – hanging from the ceiling, trussed up and thrown on a filthy bed, probably taunted and abused. Or, if the Big Boss is there I like a gang holding her arms behind her back while he slowly has his triumph.

    Last of all, Batgirl’s motivations are extremely important to my perfect unmasking. Normal people don’t run around in capes challenging criminals. Something’s psychologically off, damaged with Barbara Gordon that she does this. Like the original comic book concept I see her as the shy, quiet, fearful (tho hiding it), uptight librarian. I get the feeling she hasn’t had many dates, is somewhat reclusive, and may still be a virgin in her 20’s. In many cultures donning a mask confers power. Works for Batman! I think that’s why she’s Batgirl. Her power is in the mask. But that means having it taken from her is her weakness. When she learns that these men are dedicated only to forcibly unmasking her, it’s her greatest fear and the greatest threat they could make. As they get closer to unmasking her she should become more and more panicky, begging, pleading, tears in her eyes. And when they finally carry it out it should utterly ruin her — perhaps driving her temporarily mad. Weeping hysterically she goes back to her weak, fearful, powerless self, now in the hands of Gotham’s most depraved criminals.

    There needs to be a powerful sexual undertone to capturing and unmasking her. It can’t be a super hero business transaction, just part of the job. Not, “Damn, now you know who I am.” It would be sexual in the since that every guy fighting her really wants Batgirl in her tight costume and they’re constantly grabbing her in the fight. But also sexual that there a lot of sadism/masochism and bondage/domination in wanting to capture a pretty girl, tie her up, and then use what you know is her greatest vulnerability to destroy her before the whole world.

    • WOW, that’s one looong, interesting comment! Really looks like everyone would have the scenario at least a bit different….Thanks for posting yours!

  6. My perfect unmasking….I don’t know. The expression on the actress, the motive, story, the consequences, the stakes, the peril, the struggle and fight. All important. The humiliation before and after the unmasking. The sexual stuff isn’t as important to me. It’s good too….but there’s only two ways an unmasking would led to a logical end.

    1. Only the villain knows who she is. Or perhaps the villain doesn’t recognize her.

    2. It’s on a live feed camera. So, it’s broadcasted live on TV or the internet. So…basically the Heroine is ruined.

    I also agree that Batgirl would be the ultimate female heroine to unmask.
    On my forum we’ve discussed so many ideas….that really came down to 4 types.

    1. Self-Unmasking (Heroine herself)
    2. Villain Unmasking (Villain/Lover/Second Person)
    3. Accidental Unmasking (Victim or Hostage/Kid/Machine in factory…etc.)
    4. Self-Forced (Heroine is strapped to something that forces the mask to come off)

    Than there’s ones that can fall under 2 or 3….depending on the story. For example…a rubber dissolving solution…If the villain throws it at her mask….That’s 2. If the heroine steps on a trap floor and it makes a bucket of that stuff to pour all over her. That’s more accidental. That would be 3.

    In conclusion…I don’t have a perfect unmasking….At least not yet.


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