Catwoman – Cosplay #2

Time for more great cosplay! Catwoman strikes again…. this time in the TDKR Catwoman outfit… (not my favorite one, but sexy²)

(click to enlarge)

My opinion: WOW²!!! I don’t think it can be any better than this…what a great cosplay! Really well done costume, and damn: I have to say it: sexy as hell! 🙂

Cosplay by Ana Aesthetic

(her deviant page)

0 thoughts on “Catwoman – Cosplay #2”

  1. It is a beautiful costume. Usually I like Catwoman wearing the mask with goggles or the complete head mask like Batgirl but the Ann Hathaway style mask is the best for the little face masks. But I could tell it was Ann Hathaway. It is no disguise.

  2. Yeah, not a big fan of this design either, but I loved Anne Hathaway in (or out of) it. I did like the “goggle ears” though, that was a nice touch.

  3. This girl is probably prettier than Anne Hathaway. Oh my!! I love it when they are so confident in their costume!!


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