The “new” Batgirl (in comics)

Hey folks, time to discuss the new Batgirl! In the newest issue, things changed…… a LOT! A new style in her look, a new style for the comic itself!

Not long a ago we had this Batgirl:



Here is the link to my post back than:

LINK: Batgirl 26 – Batgirl unmasks in front of her father

And now? Well, take a look:

No surprise, that’s the cover, but I got 7 more pages for you in full size, including a….. “mask” related scene 😉

*EDIT*: I posted my opinion in the comments….

But, what do YOU think about it?

And here is the link to the issue:

LINK: Batgirl 35

5 thoughts on “The “new” Batgirl (in comics)”

  1. She’s cute, I must admit, but an obvious ploy to appeal to the selfie generation. No continuity with even the previous new 52 Batgirl, let alone with anything earlier. Plus the story was superficial and just dumb. More than anything else this reminds me of the Batgirl comics that came out when when Batman: TAS was a thing, and even those seem mature compared to this.

  2. She’s cute and, unlike a lot of DC titles, finally in sync with the zeitgeist. Also, different titles = different targets = different styles is NOT a bad thing AT ALL.
    I love Batgirl and was quite sick of everyone in the mainstream knowing just Catwoman – and for bdsmish suggestions alone. Now Batgirl can be cool: let her be damn cool 🙂
    That being said, on the fetish side, those ankle boots are too short and that mask hides nothing (not to mention that it’s fixed like a baseball cap could be): though I’m always for Batman-like white lenses, I can understand the need for masks to show the heroine’s eyes… but for heck’s sake, NOT HER EYEBROWS.
    By the way, that beret-mask does help justifying her hair flowing from behind, which in previous incarnations made no. sense. at. all.

  3. Thanks for you comments thus far. Well, my opinion about it:
    I loved the old Batgirl, she had a great costume and the comic were “dark”, I like that! Ok, some of the stories weren’t so great, but it was good stuff.
    The new Batgirl is far to young and her costume sucks big time. That “mask”….not long and she will be unmasked, unless she modifies it. But perhaps the writers just ignore that and as most times the villains don’t have any interest in unmasking her… 🙁
    It was nice to have a little “mask related” scene in this issue, but I have to get used to that new style and design. I hope they will have some great stories and Batgirl will develop a little.

    • Perhaps she glues the mask on…like NIghtwing, Robin, Black Cat? To make it stay on. I mean it’s the only logical way. Anyways, Superheros are fantasy…so why not have some thing more comfortable. I think that’s the thinking behind it.


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