Black Scorpion gassed…..and unmasked? (and a HOT bonus scene)

A classic scene from the Black Scorpion franchise….Black Scoprion is trapped as gas fills her little death trap. She can escape but blacks out…. her cop partner finds her (and he doesn’t know who Black Scorpion is) and is now reaching for her MASK!!!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the sexy video:

And if that scene wouldn’t be enough, I have a very hot extra scene for you!

Earlier in the same movie our Detective enters his apartment, and Black Scorpion is already waiting for him….

….I guess some folks might find that a great fantasy 😉



……WOW… What a nightly visitor 🙂

That scene is way to hot for youtube (it’s uncut), so I put in a different place…you will love that scene, I guarantee that 😉 :

LINK: Black Scorpion visits the Detective

4 thoughts on “Black Scorpion gassed…..and unmasked? (and a HOT bonus scene)”

  1. I’ve got this movie. This one is good. I still have to see the 2nd one. Joan wasn’t as believable as Michelle in my opinion. Maybe she was older? However, she is gorgeous.

    • I saw the first one too and Joan is definitely a prettier woman but yeah she’s not as believable as the tv actress. Though that series is blatantly campy as well she still seemed “tougher” than Joan.

      I’m surprised no one has tried to reboot this though

  2. It seems like it’s been long enough for a reboot. But, who wants to make something bad on purpose? I mean…serious Hollywood Producers not Superheroine movie producers.

    I suppose they did manage to make Catwoman (2004)….so anything is possible.


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