The masked heroine and her biggest fan – part 2

And now ….2 new scenes in one clip. In the last clip our masked heroine had some problems with some “fan” of her. Now she hunts one thug and confronts two other thugs.

I can tell you that movie has great scenes but is one messed up flick. All the time jumps and nightmare scenes…. really weird. You will be confused…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


The producer of this strange flick made some things right. He got a hot woman, put her into a real sexy costume and gave her a descent mask. Good work!

What he did wrong was the storyline…it’s one of the weirdest ones I have seen.

But all together it’s better than 95% of the heroine clips that are for sale in the internet so….good job!

Your opinion?



6 thoughts on “The masked heroine and her biggest fan – part 2”

  1. interesting, and thanks for posting. I see what you mean by scenes mixed up. I feel like we missed a part, like part 1A for example….though I was looking for an unmasking first, I was wondering what would happen when the “dad” opened the door (by the way, what dad would ever say his son was a loser?).

    Are the scenes all mixed up like Pulp Fiction?

  2. Interesting. Fun fight scene, getting to see the heroine smacked around is always a plus, and her costume is fantastic. So close to an unmasking. Good find.


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