The masked female vigilante VS criminal scum – Scenes 1 and 2

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This movie has actually quite a lot of scenes with a masked female vigilante.

And she takes no prisoners, she wants to kill some criminal scum!

Scene 1, Preview:

(click to enlarge)

The video:


Scene 2, Preview:

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Here is the video:

For now I wanna keep the movie title a mystery, there is more from this movie, incl. the unmasking of the vigilante!

If you want to see more….let me know via comment here or on Youtube.

I have mixed feelings about these scenes. I really like that this masked vigilante really takes her secret identity very serious and conceals it very well.

Ok, the combination with that mask and the ski mask looks a bit…weird, but it works.

I’m not 100% sure but I think that you can see that they used a male stuntdouble in some of the action scenes. The loose outfit makes it rather easy as you often can hardly see if the vigilante is a woman or a man.

What’s pretty embarassing is the gun of the cop who gets a little electrified by her. You can clearly see that it isn’t a real gun with that barrel. It rather looks like a water gun from the front view. 😉

I guess that’s a rather cheap prop gun.

What do you think about these scenes?

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4 thoughts on “The masked female vigilante VS criminal scum – Scenes 1 and 2”

  1. It’s me I saw that email you send me some time ago I didn’t reply because I had problem with the computer and the internet too.It took a while but i finally fixed it.I saw the new scene looks good and because I’m a big movie fan i think i know from where is I’m not sure but i believe is the………. (edited by siggi) …. I remember only the shooting scene nothing else i was little back then I would love to see the rest I’m very curious.

    • You are right about the movie title (had to edit your comment), I will post the title with more scenes on the next sunday 😉

    • Who says she will get unmasked? 😉
      Perhaps she will escape….with her mask on.
      But you will know at the end of the week.


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