Batgirl …and the many missed opportunities …to unmask her (…in just 2 comics!)

Now,Β  a pretty long post follows…hope you like it! πŸ˜‰

I still could go on a rampage for that evil/crazy decision to discard her cowl in the ongoing comic series…and replace it with that tiny eye mask that doesn’t hide anything.

As if the comic series was run by …Alicia “I don’t want that cowl” Silverstone…

Ok, but I accepted that batshit crazy decision and still hope they will change it back to the Batgirl cowl.

But what is at least similar annoying is the fact, that 99,99% of the villains don’t care about unmasking her, don’t care for finding out who she really is.

So, we didn’t get unmaskings… or even unmasking-attempts in the last years.

And you don’t need an unmasking fetish to wanna find out how she looks like beneath that mask.

Let’s check scenes from just two of the latest comics (and pretend that her mask hides her identity πŸ˜‰ ):

Scene 1:

(click to enlarge)

Batgirl unmasks the criminal…because it is the logical thing to do.

He tricks her, blinds her with pepper spray (?). For seconds she is helpless, he could easily unmask her…but he decides to run.

Ok, they don’t have time and are on the run, but a quick unmasking would take only seconds.


Scene 2:

(click to enlarge)

His “hand” reaches her face and he throws her around…

Ok, even the fact that he most likely didn’t want to unmask her….shouldn’t her barely secured eye mask come off by accident with a “grab and throw” like that?

But it seems that her mask is glued with magic superglue to her face…


Scene 3 and 4:

(click to enlarge)

These pages have two scenes.

  • He grabs her face and throws her against the wall.

Again her mask doesn’t come off by that, not by the grab to her face…not by the throw. Ok

  • Than she is knocked out….he could do everything…unmask her….or even finish her off, but he walks away (as nearly all villains seems to do).

Reminded me a lot of the Black Scorpion TV series. She nearly gets knocked out every second episode….but what do most of these villains do? They just walk away. Nearly every time! ARGGGG!


Scene 5:

(click to enlarge)

In the same issue(!) he wins a second time against Batgirl. But he is happy with his quick victory and leaves without using that advantage.

And again, her tiny mask is held by that superglue…no matter what he throws at her…no matter how she gets thrown around.


5 scenes from just 2 comic books!

So many things that really frustrates me about it…

Ok, I will still continue to follow Batgirl in the comics as well.

The hope she might get her cowl back (and not the “burnside” version) and that some villain might at least TRY to unmask her.

I mean, if you are a villain, and Batgirl always tries to stop you….. You basically can do two things:

1) Kill her (not good)

2) Unmask her (and ….(a) then controlling her by blackmailing her …or (b)…. release pictures/a video of her unmasked face, which would finish her)

But all they do is to run off….. πŸ™

Ok, enough of me, what do YOU think about it?

Leave your comment below!


6 thoughts on “Batgirl …and the many missed opportunities …to unmask her (…in just 2 comics!)”

    • Hah, yes, that would be the logical explanation.
      But one of the comic books unwritten rules is/seems to be:
      Any mask hides the identity (or another haircut + glasses πŸ˜‰ )

      In that case, they “can’t see” the face unless the mask is pulled off.
      However, let’s hope for better times for Batgirl πŸ˜‰
      The next redesign will come…

  1. Honestly it’s just not a focus for the writer. Logically sure yeah it would happen but it’s not what the creators plot are aiming for right now…unfortunately

    • Yeah, the sad truth I guess.
      But sooner or later she will loose her mask again…and hopefully get her real mask back! The cowl πŸ™‚

  2. I also think it’s a mistake not to attempt to unmask. It’s not credible. Strangely, every time Spoiler, Batwoman, Blackbat or Flamebird find themselves in trouble with a villain, often they are unmasked and sometimes worse (denude, tortured), because the bad guys do not respect any rules (for most), while with Batgirl they do not even try (except Harley Quinn in a short saga that had to be erased following the reboot of DC). why would Batgirl have a special treatment from the bad guys ? It’s not credible.

    • Yeah, but even the other get/get unmasked only very rarely.
      And with Batgirl eye mask it really amazes how “indestructible” it is. Seems like it can’t get damaged or fell off by any action.


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