Queen of Swords

As I first saw the heroine of this series, I thought: What a stupid mask, everyone would know who she is….! But I gave it a try …and that paid off great!

Not only the that Tessie Santiago looks gorgeous, the series had a good storyline and some really great “mask action”! And the two main villains were really great! Great chemistry between them and the Queen of Swords… 😉


Maskrippers rating:

Mask action

(attempted unmasking, self unmasking, unmasking, secret identity discovered)

Great scenes…. very “sexy” scenes. Only the quantity was a bit too low for over 20 episodes…

25 (max 30)


Good storyline with solid action. The idea for famous episode was GREAT! (villain trapped with her in a mine)

21 (max 25)


Well, ok, in that era she can’t have a sexy black rubber mask. I understand. And at least her forehead is covered, but nearly everyone would know how she is, even with the mask on.

8 (max 15)

Rest of the costume

Nice outfit, sexy cleavage. For that era it’s very good!

12 (max 15)


Tessie Santiago (Queen of Swords /  Maria Teresa Alvarado): Acting is solid, looks really hot/sexy in both identities. Nice facial expressions.

14 (max 15)

<<< Overall: 80 (max 100) >>>


Queen of Swords on Maskripper


Rating info:

The “overall” rating is the addition of my 5 categories:

“Mask action” – up to 30 points (unmasking scenes, unmasking attempts, mask related peril etc.)

Story – up to 25 points (incl. action, fights, story, thrill?)

Mask – up to 15 points (material, shape, “resistance factor”)

Rest of the costume – up to 15 points (material and shape from neck to feet)

Actress(es) – up to 15 points (talent, look)

100 points can be reached! Bonus points (max 5) for greatness will be given if appropriate!

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