Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #1

Thanks to Mr. Felix I will present some nasty japanese videos. For today these 2 videos…

(click to enlarge)

LINK: Glamour heroine captured and unmasked



And here is the 2nd video:

(click to enlarge)

More video like these may show up in the future, if you like 😉

0 thoughts on “Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #1

  1. The slobbering guy is too creepy in an awesome way!!! It’s very anime-ish….It’s so over the top!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. I was wondering if you have thought about given another thought of “Hall of Fame” Unmaskings section. Your personal favorites of course. It doesn’t have to be videos…it could be pictures, videos or even stories? Just a thought.

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