Maskripper VIP Club: October


>>>>> I updated the VIP-Club with new material! <<<<<


1 HUGE package with 8 cosplayers, over 1500 pictures (and a few short videos)! Of course mostly MASKED cosplayers (especially Batgirl, Catwoman, Spider-Gwen)!

+ My Batwoman cuts from the new TV show! (all scenes with Batwoman from each episode)

(this month: all episodes from October (most likely 4)! Episodes aired on sundays, I will upload the cut each monday)

+ My special “highlight-cuts”  with all the masked heroines and villainesses from Season 2 of ARROW (my favorite season)

(with great Canary action in episodes 20,21 and 22)

+ you will have FULL access to my 2 (self-written) Maskripper fetish stories (both over 15 pages each)!

Catwoman – the masked scuba thief [PREVIEW VERSION]

A nightly visitor – A Catwoman tale [PREVIEW VERSION]

Wanna donate some bucks, show your support for this blog (actually help to keep it running) and get good videos and fetish stories in return?

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