More masked heroines on TV! [Watchmen, Stargirl]

Besides Batwoman (who will start in her own show in one week!) …there are more masked women on TV in the future!

In the the very near future there will be Watchmen. This show will start on October 20th.

Here the latest trailer:

Some pictures of her:

(click to enlarge)


Honestly I don’t know much about Watchmen except that I know the movie. But of course any masked woman is highly welcome.

From the look of the trailer her secret identity is known to a few, let’s see what role in will play in the show. Her mask “combo” is pretty effective and it looks like she really wanna hide it. I am wondering how big her part actually is, I hope she will get plenty of screen time.

The show itself looks pretty different from the standard superhero show, but so was the movie. I am curious and will watch the show!



Another very interesting TV show has even the masked heroine in the title!

Stargirl will debut in early 2020 on the streaming service from DC Universe. The filming is already done and 13 episodes will be included in season 1.

There is no trailer available yet, so here are two pictures:

(click to enlarge)


Ok, I’m not sure about her costume and mask. Especially the mask covers not enough (for my taste) and it isn’t secure at all. It looks like it could slip off when she falls or gets punched.

The actress Brec Bassinger is 20 years old and looks even younger on the promo poster. She will play a teenager in the show, so I think it will be a mixture between high-school drama and superhero action. I don’t really what to expect from this show…but after all it is a TV show with a masked woman/girl in the main role….so I will check it out for sure!

Want more info on Stargirl?

Check out!


2 thoughts on “More masked heroines on TV! [Watchmen, Stargirl]”

  1. Now Watchmen is what I’m really interested in ! (More so than Batgirl!)

    From what I have learnt of the show so far, it seems that Regina King is one of the main protagonists of the show. And she isn’t the only masked woman in that show, there is also Pirate Jenny, but only get glimpses of her character so I’m guessing she is a recurring side character. The show is releasing on 20th October, don’t know when it will come to my country.

    • Yeah, the series sounds interesting indeed, but I don’t know if these masked women really have a secret identity. Regina King shows her face in the trailer already to some folks. I hope there will be unmasking scenes. but hard to tell now. And I think you meant Batwoman, since I post about the show a lot lately 😉
      Or was it just a comparison with Watchmen VS Batgirl?


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