Episode 18, “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You”

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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]


My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – The ACTION scenes! This episode was directed by James Bamford, who has a lot of experience with action scenes and this is showing as the action looks really fantastic in this episode. Not only he directed 17 episodes from the Arrow show, but he also has a lot of experience as a stunt coordinator…..and that is a BIG bonus. I love the different fight scenes with Batwoman and the ones with Julia also!

2 – Mary joins the Batwoman team! After Kate and Luke rejected her twice as they don’t want Mary to get into danger….Mary got her chance and proved that she can be a fine addition to the team. She then was finally invited into the Batcave!

3 – Batwoman in BIG trouble! Batwoman runs into a trap and was then tied up. The bad guys wanted to sell her to the highest bidder who wanted to kill her. It was a really thrilling scene, as she was in great danger. Sadly the bad guys not even thought about unmasking her, which would be my first step as a villain. Not only would I be verrry curious to see who is under that mask….it would be a huge advantage knowing her secret identity when she gets away afterwards (as usually). It was really cool how Mary managed to save Batwoman.

4 – Magpie and Reagan are back! I like both of them and am happy that they appeared again. Magpie is a fine villainess, I do like her style and her agenda. And we surely will see both of them again!

The episode starts with a really FINE action scene where Batwoman beats the crap out of a lot of gangsters who are into human trafficking. It’s pretty weird that don’t use their handguns at all on Batwoman. An aspect that used to happen often in Arrow too. Ok, Batwoman has a bulletproof suit, but her neck and lower face aren’t covered. I guess the cowl may be bulletproof, that wasn’t “tested” so far if I remember right. And even if they wouldn’t hit the unprotected parts….the hits would at least hurt her a little. However the close combat action is fast-paced, but not too fast, you can see what is going on. And I like that Batwoman breaks the arm of the boss, he surely deserved that (and more)! I like how the camera moves around the action and the slow-motion scenes are spectacular.

The scene where the last henchman attacked her from behind and grabbed into her wig was thrilling! For a second I thought her cowl would come off as the wig is attached to it. And in the next scene, we learn that Kate feared that as well. It showed a weak spot on her costume, especially since the chin strap of her mask is gone in this version. I think the wig should detach from the cowl when somebody yanks on the wig. That would make it safer.

Mary’s idea with an “electrified” cowl is really good! As I knew the promo pictures with Batwoman tied up already, I did expect that this idea might already save Batwoman from an unmasking in THIS episode! But the villains didn’t try to unmask her. I’m VERY sure that Mary’s idea will save Batwoman from a forcibly unmasking in the near future!

I enjoyed how Mary has invited herself to the Wayne Tower to celebrate the victory over the bad guys! Funny how Kate used the ice bucket with the champagne bottle to cool down her fist(s) 🙂

The scene where Kate visits Elliot was interesting. I enjoy how they teased each other as they both are billionaires, even Elliot’s assets are frozen right now. Elliot’s love/hate relationship with Bruce Wayne and Batman is entertaining and makes him a special villain, especially as Kate’s relationship with Bruce/Batman. I think Elliot might focus on Batwoman as his new number 1 enemy…as Batman won’t show up. That will be dangerous for Batwoman! If he would find out that Kate is Batwoman….that would be a real disaster and thrilling as he knows Kate pretty well, unlike the other villains so far.

The scenes with Mouse, Alice, and Elliot in Arkham were highly entertaining. Alice and Mouse are completely in control and enjoying their powerful position! Elliot has to sacrifice…his facial skin(!) to get his way out of Arkham. With the bandages over his face, he transformed into the well-known villain Hush. I’m sure he will become much more dangerous to Batwoman now! Especially when he might get his hands on that journal from Lucius Fox.

As Reagan notices Kate in the club, she manages to (unknowingly) distract her from her mission for a while. There was that chemistry again between them. At the end of the episode, they even end up having sex. And as it turns out, Reagan used the opportunity to get a chance to steal the journal! Kate won’t be happy about that betrayal…. Hard to say if their relationship can be fixed. And it shouldn’t take too long that Kate will her know of Reagan’s criminal sister. Luke should make a background check on Kate’s girlfriends 😉

The way Batwoman got trapped was pretty…sophisticated! There would have been surely easier ways to capture her (gas for example) but this trap was pretty spectacular in the way it smashed Batwoman against the wall, knocking her out.

I did suspect Julia already to have her own agenda in the past, it was nice that my hunch was correct. Now I’m pretty sure that she might work for Safiyah, it would fit. Her name was dropped sometimes lately and she needs someone in Gotham. Julia seems pretty ruthless as she killed the woman who found out about her NOT working for that British intelligence agency. She wants that journal too, that would endanger Batwoman. But what are her exact plans? She does know who Batwoman is, so she doesn’t need that book for herself. But why would Safiyah would want Batwoman to die? Hard to say…..

The scene with Jacob visiting Alice in Arkham was intense. And damn, Alice is very mad at him! She said that she has really evil plans for him….I wonder what these plans are. I would say they surely involve Kate…as he would be devasted if anything happens to her. But on the other hand….if she really willing to hurt her badly? Hmh, hard to say.

The fight with Magpie and Batwoman was short but very well done! Batwoman fighting a masked villainess in leather….that is something….I really like 😉 . Magpie lost the journal but she kept her freedom. I am wondering when these two will “meet” again….I hope soon!

We learn that Magpie is actually Reagan’s sister, quite some news! And Magpie used her to get the journal and thereby her freedom as Alice removed that tracker/explosive.

I do have some issues with Kate’s backpack. She used it to get her Batwoman costume in the club. Ok, besides the fact that it is a little small so that it would actually fit in (with boots and mask), the bigger problem can be found later. Kate returns from the club and has her backpack with her. But this time her costume doesn’t seem to be in it. Where is it? As Kate discovered that Reagan looted her backpack…I actually expected her to find THE COSTUME ….and thereby discovering Batwoman’s identity. But as it seems, there was “only” the journal in it and not her costume.

It was a great scene where Mary finally gets into the Batcave! Even I didn’t like the fact that the “old” Mary finally appeared again as she was trying to take a selfie(!) in the Batcave! Not a smart move at all. I thought that the “old” Mary was completely gone by now. And as usual…Luke has problems with keeping secrets as he gave away that Bruce Wayne is Batman. 😆

And by the way: Mary looked really stunning (again) in that dress and these boots!

>>> Rating “General:” <<<

(4,5 out of 5 – A thrilling episode with great action scenes, some nice twists, and a lot of Batwoman!)



Batwoman screen time:  07:33 (long cut) +/incl. Magpie screen time:  ca. 02:30

“Mask action” (highlighted if yes): – attempted unmasking  – forced unmaskings (incl. a witness) – self unmaskings (without witness) – self unmaskings (with a witness) – unmaskings  – mask damage – “mask talk” (incl. “secret identity talk”) Kate speaks about that the goon grabbed her wig, thereby nearly pulled off her cowladditional masked women (Magpie!!)close calls with opportunities to unmask Batwoman (Batwoman gets tied up and is in danger of being unmasked + Batwoman gets knocked out by trap)

 Who knows her secret identity by now?:

For sure: 7 – 3 of these are villains

Luke Fox as her “tech guy” who equips her – (since ep1) – Ally

Julia Pennyworth (since ep7) – Ally(?)

Parker Torres (since ep10) – possible Ally

Mary (since episode 13) – Ally

Sophie (doesn’t think that Kate is under Batwoman’s cowl anymore…for now)

+ Alice (recognised her sister’s eyes under the Batwoman cowl) – (since ep2)

+ two of Alice’s crew: Mouse (since episode 6) + Chuck (mentions it in ep5)

Sexy “mask-related” -scenes:

A lot! Magpie is back in action and has a fight with Batwoman! Batwoman gets nearly unmasked in a fight as the henchman grabs into her wig. Batwoman gets knocked out by a trap. And Batwoman gets tied up and the villain wants to sell her to the highest bidder! Sadly, no one tries to unmask her in that scene.


>>> Rating “Mask”: <<<

(4,5 out of 5 – A LOT of material in this one! A masked villainess, Batwoman gets a lot of screentime and is in trouble several times)



A lot of great action scenes, a lot of Batwoman scenes, and some nice twists! A great setup for the last two episodes of the season!

So far, my favorite episode of the season!



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And here are my special Batwoman cuts from this episode:

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