Catwoman Cosplay #12

Hey, time for some more Catwoman! Stumbled upon this one, a good costume and a wide variety of ideas.



And here are all 9 pictures (incl. two UNMASKED):

(click to enlarge)

Interesting variation of the Tim Burton movie costume…. πŸ™‚

I envy the photographer, but on the other side I guess I couldn’t do such a photoshoot without getting….

0 thoughts on “Catwoman Cosplay #12”

  1. Agree, the model has a Porn star type of body.

    The nose ring/alternative look was a bit of a turn off.

    I’m often confused when Cosplayers deviate from the Original Costume on purpose…I mean, why not cover up the chest? I mean, I’m not complaining…but it’s not a very accurate look for the Batman Returns Catwoman.


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