Where’s “Adversaries”?

Some of you may have noticed that every episode from “Adversaries” that was on this blog is gone now…

A statement from the producer:

Attention Maskripper Fans,

For the last 3 years, I have been putting a lot of time and effort into this series. I purposely made the series unlisted for a reason and had hoped fans just enjoyed it for what it was. I was hoping for lots of positive comments and encouragements…but instead I got lots of silence and requests. I’m not a Superheroine Producer. I’ve noticed that I recently got a thumbs down on Episode 8 and also got a thumbs down in Episode 2 back in Feb.

Let me remind you that this was a Free Series done for fun and it’s unlisted. I have asked Maskripper to remove all things related to Adversaries off his site. I’m sorry but you fans do not deserve to see how this Series ends.

It’s a shame that the actions of a few always ruin it for the many.



He asked me to post the above statement. I know that this will make some folks a little …..unhappy, but right now we are working on a solution where the people who deserve it will see the old episodes and the new ones that will be published in the future.

I will keep you updated!

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  1. This makes me sooo sad i’d really love to see how it ends im a really big fan dating back to first one in 2007 plz find a way for the true fans to see the ending imma miss u NS

  2. That sucks! I’ve been a fan of it from episode 1, don’t know what some peoples problems are knowing that he did this all for free and was a year long project. Show some respect! SMH!

  3. I honestly thought the series was awesome, better than most and for a free series that we all get to enjoy. Hell I can barely take a good picture. That was GRADE A video considering we all get what we want right? Unmask heroine I really loved the series. I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but you are right if ppl aren’t commenting or giving pos feedback there is no reason to keep it here. Maybe now ppl will learn to appreciate, I know some do. I really wanted to see how it ends. I hope good things for their future.

  4. That’s very unfortunate. I have been enjoying the series so far though perhaps I *should* have given a few more comments than I did.

  5. Ns are you freaking serious ur canceling the show just because u get 10 dislikes are you serious this other youtube gets onwards of 30k dislikes and you cant handle 10 dislikes jesus christ what a baby

  6. Let me make myself CLEAR: I’m not upset because of the 2 Dislikes.

    I’m Pissed because it was Unlisted and made for a ‘certain Underground’ audience.

    Obviously, there are trollers along us as well.

    I don’t mind my public videos getting Dislikes. It’s public…anyone can see them. But, something I”m even more passionate about gets voted Dislike especially when it’s Unlisted draws the line. There is a difference.

    I do have good news. I’ll re-edit Adversary (2007) and put it on my channel next year. It’ll probably be Public.

    For those of you that thought ADVERSARIES was a waste of time: So sorry it wasn’t Fantastic Four. LOL. But don’t complain to me about it.

    Make your own Series. Post it here and let’s have a laugh at your expense. (That was directed at ‘michael’)

    You can call me baby all you want.

    Maskripper and I are still trying to figure out a reasonable answer to let the fans view Adversaries.

  7. While your videos weren’t listed on YouTube searches, they were freely available to anyone on your blog and this site. If it’s out there for people to find on the internet, somebody is going to be critical of it. Literally anything will attract negativity. Even a video of a kitten playing with a ball of string will enrage somebody out there.

    It’s unfortunate that the “thumbs down” feature allows people to post anonymous and unqualified criticism. I always think people should explain *why* they don’t like something. However, I think you have massively over-reacted to a very small amount of criticism.

    So you’re going to place your work beyond criticism? What’s the point of that? If you want your feedback to be unanimously positive from a small group of fans, how are you ever supposed to develop?

  8. Heroine Addict,
    I agree with some of the statements you made. Yes, people can see my blog. But now I’ve made that go away too.

    First of all I know my work is flawed. I’m just as critical of my work as the next guy. It’s not shot on HD. I’m shooting on a pieces of crap cameras from 2005 and editing on something from 2004. The final resolution is only SD. Also, some of the stories change or we ran low on time. Most of the behind the scenes struggles that you guys don’t even know about.

    My work isn’t beyond criticism. But, at the same time I feel like people don’t care about the struggle to make a production work. If you (Heroine Addict) are so passionate about Heroines, why don’t you make some Heroines…especially your favorite Knightwoman and share it with us?

    All I am saying is that if it’s free and you complain about it…There’s no point in me putting it out there. That’s like saying I’m bringing cake to your party and people say some people don’t like the flavor. But, they won’t say it to me. Or I walk an old person across the street and someone else say’s ‘they didn’t ask for your help or they can walk across the street by themselves.’

    I was nice enough to present my hard work….ESPECIALLY to THIS CROWD…that HAPPENS to be VERY SILENT up until now.

    So, Heroine Addict please do us a favor and make a Knightwoman series/Batgirl. Do a much better job because I sure am not ever going to put the series back here.

    • that’s a shame, really. for what it’s worth, i thought your videos were great, especially considering that you’re doing it on a budget as a passion project.

      they weren’t perfect, but they never needed to be. they let us all explore something as a community. a silent community because most of the people who are into this probably have a hard time explaining it.
      your leading lady was also quite the cutie. i hope she enjoys these videos as much as we all do 🙂

      i would implore you to continue working on these videos, and to keep sharing them. i think(?) there is a way to turn off comments and votes. i don’t know if that helps, but maybe instead only field comments and such through a site like this one? having a separate forum might be a better way to go. youtube isn’t a good place to go for anything constructive, or even civilized.

      i apologize if this is too forward, but i have a great deal of experience in film and storytelling. if you’re interested, i could try to help you from afar in the creation of future episodes, things like scripts, storytelling, storyboards, lighting, techniques, etc.

      either way, i look forward to hopefully seeing what you make next.

      • Codename,
        Thanks for the kind comments. Here are a few updates. After TakeOffYourMask forum was taken down, KingSiggi and a few others are working on a new forum. We will have it online in 2 to 3 weeks time. KingSiggi will announce on this site and start accepting members on the 1st of the year.

        Adversaries will be there. It’ll be private and only members who have posted 100 comments or more will be able to see it.

  9. Well, if I ever do anything with the KnightWoman character, it will be a custom script for a fetish video by Mighty Hypnotic. As it would be a commercial video, anyone who buys it would be perfectly entitled to criticize my writing, the actresses’ performances and MH’s direction.

    I really don’t get this idea that there’s “no point” in you putting videos out there if a very small number of people are going to complain about them. People complain about everything, *literally* everything.

    You’re talking about criticism from THIS CROWD, but there’s no way of knowing whether it even came from THIS CROWD. This site comes up in Google Image Searches for various keywords. It’s quite possible that someone with a passing interest just happened to click on one of your videos and thought “That sucks!” simply because it didn’t have the production values of an episode of Arrow.

    You’re always going to get people like that. Even among a niche group, you’ll never get unanimous praise.

    The first episode of Batgirl Spoiled received nearly 400 “thumbs down” marks on YouTube. Almost 10% of the total feedback. Yet they carried on. (Until DC stopped them from crowdfunding.)

    If you put your work out there for the public, you WILL get negative feedback. Some of it will come from SJWs who seek out superheroine peril in order to be outraged by it. Some of it will come from from spiteful assholes who will post personal comments about you, your wife and your friends. Some of it will come from people who have valid points, but don’t know how to articulate them constructively. And some of it will just be a “thumbs down” which tells you nothing about what aspects the person didn’t like.

    You put a lot of time, effort and work into Adversaries. But now you’re going to show it exclusively to members of a private forum? What if one of them complains? Do you then take it away completely and treat it like a home movie? Or do you delete all the footage too, just in case you or Ria might start to complain about its flaws?

    It just seems like a massive waste.

  10. Valid points, Captain Obvious. Yes, it’ll be private for now. But there’s good news.

    Only 40 more fans will get to see it besides my Private forum. Maskripper will have the details soon.

    It does involve TOYM board, Posting and then things of that nature.

    • i really want to be apart of that blog please let me ive been a big fan since the first one a long time ago please pick me you’ll make me very happy thank you

      • …..says the same man that posted as “michael”:
        2015/08/13 at 10:31 am

        Ns are you freaking serious ur canceling the show just because u get 10 dislikes are you serious this other youtube gets onwards of 30k dislikes and you cant handle 10 dislikes jesus christ what a baby

        Oh man… Split personality? 😉

    • Right now there are some “question marks” regarding when it will start… sure is that it will be online in the near future. When I know anything new I will make a post here on the blog.


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