Female thief unmasked! In a movie trailer…

This week I checked some new trailers, like I always do, and I found something for this blog!

The scene is short, very short, but it fuels my imagination 😉

Looks like that it could be a great unmasking!


And here is the whole trailer (with title):

Great setting for an unmasking! Really looking forward to this one….

I edited the trailer so if you wanna see the unmasking over and over again…. here the unmasking only: 😉

LINK: Female thief get unmasked

What do you think of it?

0 thoughts on “Female thief unmasked! In a movie trailer…

    • First, thanks for the two links! Every new material is highly welcome 🙂
      The first link is really good, I will check that movie, it was really easy to find out… and will upload the interesting part here, as long it is long enough. She looks great! And in that mask…. even better 😉
      The second link…well her mask is not bad, but it is only a self unmasking in some bollywood series… nothing for me.

      • oh you dont like self unmasking scene?
        i love the two hole mask/balaclava, but in the second link was not so clearly scene, and not from the front face angle. hope you find good stuff again…:)

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