Catwoman chained up in “Batman VS Deadpool”

Some of you folks may already seen it, but for those who don’t….

In this video Deadpool wants a fight with Batman, and how does he decoy him? By kidnapping Catwoman!

She is chained up and Deadpool enjoys the…..view….

(click to enlarge)

EDITED the link, the old one didn’t work (and no one was telling me…)

And here it is, the video with our favorite cat:

What do you guys think about this catwoman version and her costume?

I really like the cowl, but on the same time the whole thing with the goggles…. not my thing. The goggles are way to often “up”, so it doesn’t make a good mask.

If you wanna see more superhero fights from the same producers:

LINK: Youtube

0 thoughts on “Catwoman chained up in “Batman VS Deadpool””

  1. I’m waiting for a Batgirl vs. Catwoman or a Catwoman vs. Black Cat…or Even a Batgirl vs. Batwoman. All these would be fun to see. The people behind Superpower Beat Down is about as good as it gets…in terms of fan films. Did you see the one with the Power Ranger vs. Scorpion…I think. That was really good too.

  2. Solid Production values. As for goggles Selina I’m pretty sure at this point her identity was public. In fact the comics and old cartoon IIRC are inconsistent about her identity being secret or not. For instance in the comic arc Hush, Harley Quinn runs into Selina and asks if she knows her cause she looks familiar at an opera which is odd since Catwoman has been shown to have been unmasked and put in jail in old comics before said arc.

    • Ah ok, but the fact the der identity is/was out would make catwoman uninteresting for me. Why isn’t she arrested when her secret identity is lost?
      No secret identity= uninteresting

      • They gotta find her first I guess! Nowadays Selina is a crime boss in Gotham and doesn’t even wear her typical suit and had a falling out with Batman so she’s still pretty interesting even if she no longer dons the costume


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