Batwoman: My review of episode 5 (“Mine is a long and sad tale”)…

…is ready now!

Check out the very short short review on Batwoman – Season 1!

Check out the detailed review incl. pictures and my Batwoman cut on Batwoman – Season 1 – Episode 5!

Some screenshots:

(click to enlarge – more pictures on the page of episode 5)

Have you seen it already?

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4 thoughts on “Batwoman: My review of episode 5 (“Mine is a long and sad tale”)…”

    • Yeah, it’s very difficult in almost every country outside the US to watch the show legally. In the US the CW shows the show on TV and in their app one day later. I know it runs in Canada on some network. But for the most of the other parts it seems that is reseverd for “HBO max”, the new streaming service of Warner Brothers.


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