Episode 5, “Mine is a long and sad tale”, November 3rd

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[MINOR SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode(s) before you continue]

[MINOR SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode(s) before you continue]

[MINOR SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode(s) before you continue]

Note: Please excuse my not very well written reviews on the first episodes, it gets better as I get more experience in writing them!

Also, in later reviews, you will find more and better screenshots and the videos will be in full HD instead of HD ready


This episode was nearly entirely dedicated to shine a big spotlight on Alice’s/Beth’s past. What has happened to her after she survived the accident at the bridge?

And that is one sad, emotional story for sure!


My highlights from this episode:

1 – …of course….the flashbacks telling how Beth became Alice! – A very intense atmosphere with tragedy and sadness. I loved the dark atmosphere, the mad father who tried to help his son by committing …insane….crimes. And seeing Kate and Beth so close together, yet Beth couldn’t be rescued from the hellhole…. a big moment of the show.

2 – The showdown at the farm! Kate, Jacob and Sophie VS Mouse and Alice. Loved that! Especially as Jacob was talking to Alice and finally realizing/admitting that she was his lost daughter.

3 – Sophie realizing that Kate is ….Batwoman! – Well, it wasn’t 100% shown, but as Kate lies her finger on Sophie’s mouth to shut her up….that was pretty much like she did it in episode 1 as Batwoman. Sophie already was suspecting that Kate was under that cowl…but now I do think she is very sure about it. And judging by the trailer for next week…this will be a big plot point in that episode.

4 – Mary and Luke – Some really good and funny lines. Talking about the “skin pirate” and ordering pizza. 😆

And damn, Mary was verrrry sexy in that dress and overknee boots! 🙂

The short Batwoman scene had one flaw in my eyes. It is supposed to be dark, so the bad guys can’t see Batwoman. But the scene is flooded with “moonlight”..hard to believe that the bad guys don’t see anything.

I do really like the episode as it was important to show how Beth became Alice, and they did it really well! Of course with nearly the whole episode dedicated to that…. there was only a bare minimum of Batwoman in this episode. Just about one minute of her. That is even less than in the pilot, and a HUGE difference to the last one. It looks like that will change again next week, where Batwoman is already very much present in the tiny trailer.

As Alice’s past is now explained, I wonder when we will get to see more of Kates’s past. There should be much to tell too!

Looking forward to seeing more of Mouse, and I’m sure that he will play a big role …in combination with his “sister” Alice.

I really have HIGH expectations for the next episode after watching the trailer! Especially with the Sophie and Batwomanpart and also on how Jacob will start to come after Batwoman, as she is an enemy in his eyes.


>>> Rating “General:” <<<

(4 out of 5)



Batwoman screen time:  long cut  – 00:59


“Mask action” (highlighted if yes): – attempted unmaskings – forced unmaskings – self unmaskings (without witness) – self unmaskings (with a witness) – unmaskings –

mask damage – “mask talk” (incl. “secret identity talk”) – additional masked women (Magpie, jewel thief) –

Well, not really “talk” but…Sophie seems to realize now that Kate is Batwoman (Kates finger on her lips)

 Who knows her secret identity by now?:

For sure: 3,9999

Luke Fox as her “tech guy” who equips her – (since ep1)

(Sophie surely suspect Kate to be Batwoman by now…since ep1, but now she sees the connection between Kate and Batwoman (ep5)) (since ep1)

 + Alice (recognized her sister’s eyes under the Batwoman cowl) – (since ep2)

+ Chuck (mentions it in ep5)

Sexy “mask-related” -scenes:

Well, with verrrrry few Batwoman screentime, there isn’t much. The scene with Kates’s finger on Sophie’s lips was nice since she now seems to know who is under Batwomans cowl.

>>> Rating “Mask”: <<<

(1 out of 5 )



Very little Batwoman in this one….BUT a great, intense, and tragic Alice backstory!



(click to enlarge)

And here is my special Batwoman cut from this episode:

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