Heroine in distress – part 1

Hey folks, it’s time for a new video!

I edited this one for you: A heroine in a great costume in sneaking around an abandoned factory. But surprise, surprise….it’s not so abandoned as she thought ๐Ÿ˜‰


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:



In parts a standard “heroine in peril” clip, with a lame story, bad acting and everything. But this one a nice mask (that hides something) and a really sexy outfit! Wow! Much better than 95% of the usual.


8 thoughts on “Heroine in distress – part 1”

  1. Too bad she was not wearing a mask at the start of the video…kind of takes away from the anticipation…When will part 2 come to us?

    Where do you find these?

    • Yeah I thought about cutting out the part before she puts the mask on. But most people seem to be thrilled by the unmasking in front of another person…so I let it in this time.
      “Where do I find these?” Well, that varies a lot. Don’t know for sure for this one. I guess I bought it when the company who made it were still in business.


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