Heroine in distress – part 2

Post 2 (of 2) for today!

And here is part 2 of our heroine in distress!


(click to enlarge)


New links! (google drive)

Part 1

Part 2

As I said. I love the costume and the actress is hot too.

But what a strange script!

6 thoughts on “Heroine in distress – part 2”

  1. I tried the link and could not get the video to work. I got the usual skip ad in 4-5 seconds, but then I only got messages for apps. Usually, I can work through it all to get the video.

    Would you be able to link without all the runaround?


    • Just try another browser, I tested it with firefox.
      But the “wait 5 seconds” thing might/will disappear the next days and will be replaced by another AD-model. If you will like that one better…I don’t know.
      Just wait and see.


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