Stargirl – Season 1, episode 10 – Wildcat and Stargirl VS Brainwave, Dragon King and his henchmen

….yeah, Hourman and Dr. Mid Nite were also there, but only at the end and they don’t get involved in the main fight.

After the last episode with practically no action….this one delivered big time!

The whole team is back in action as they try to free Brainwave. So we get a great action scene and a ….dramatic….finale in this episode.


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And here are the videos:

(I cut out some scene with Hourman and Dr. Mid Nite so the scenes would fit into 2 video with under 5 minutes each)

[SPOILERS ahead! Watch the episode before you go on!]

Love the fight scene in the first video, very well made! Good to see how Wildcat and Stargirl are working together.

Ok, mainly Wildcat has to save Stargirl’s neck, but good she saves her team captain as she needed it.

Also it was interesting to finally see the face of the Dragon King. Pretty sure he survived that blast….as surviving is his speciality 😉

The henchmen of the Dragon King could use an “upgrade”. Basically they seem completely mindless, they are unarmed and are “only” a threat in big groups. Pretty much like Zombies….just without the teeth.

I really love the ending. Dark, bitter and sad…..but very fitting. Brainwave was always a maniac (in the TV show), so killing his son was a fitting choice.

And now Brainwave’s memory is back which means he knows who Stargirl is. Won’t be hard to figure out the others.

This is exactly why Stargirl should have finished the job as she defeated him. He was in a coma, but there was the chance that he would awake form it. Ok, would be kind of “unheroic” to kill someone in a coma….but he is an evil maniac who knew too much. And now Henry is dead, that wouldn’t have happened. Well ok, his whole story would change completely then as he wouldn’t discover his abilities this early.

A part of me hopes that Brainwave would now go after Pat, Barbara and/or Mike to get his revenge on Stargirl. That would show Courtney how important it is to keep a secret identity…..secret.

Looking forward to the last 3 episodes of the season!

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