Spider-Girl’s mask is ripped away by a vicious enemy! – Part 1 –

This enemy knows what he’s doing. He attacks her relentlessly, he strikes massive punches to her face and ripping her mask more and more in the process!

Can Spider-Girl fight back? Win the fight AND save her precious secret identity? Here is part 1 of 2:


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Spider-Girl 58 p22
Orientation: 1
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Great stuff! 🙂

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  1. These are the plot-wise advantages of a full mask: you can damage it severely to convey the message that the heroine is getting it hard – without risking a full unmasking (an event that cannot be overused in a mainstream comic).
    That’s to say, we will never see Barbara Gordon having that level of damage on her somehow-too-revealing mask.

    • Well, if it was me to decide Barbara mask would be more like batmans. Her nose covered under thick rubber. With more material you could do a lot of sexy mask damage scenarios 😉
      And we need a villain who really wanna unmask her (I can’t understand these guys…and girls!)


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