Spider-Girl’s mask is ripped away by a vicious enemy! – Part 2-

So, the enemy continues his strikes on Spider-Girl, her mask is already badly damaged, but still it hides enough of her. But he continues to attack… Part 2 of 2:


So, here is the fight in pictures!

Spider-Girl 59 p16
Orientation: 1
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    • Peter and MJ do know she’s Spider-Girl and try and help her. Especially Peter who rides her pretty hard early on in the series since he tells her to stop it after her debut in What If 105v2. I think he even makes web fluid stuff for her since she isn’t some super genius like her dad and more popular and athletic in school

  1. Is it just me…or does Spider-Man and Spider-girl suffer more Battle Damages on a day to day basis compared to Batman and Batgirl…


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