*SPECIAL* – Powercat and the impostor! – Part 1

So, today I wanna post something very special. The first part of Powercat 3, or as I name it: Powercat and the imposter. Powercat is preparing a bath as the doorbell rings. She is in her heroine-outfit and is very surprised to see the visitor….. 😉

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And here is the VIDEO – Part 1:


*EDIT* Moved to share-online, not safe for youtube


For my the video is very, very good. A sexy outfit (or should I say: two sexy outfits), lots of fighting, unmasking scenes….can’t ask for more 😉


0 thoughts on “*SPECIAL* – Powercat and the impostor! – Part 1

  1. Thanks for the upload. I had this one years ago and enjoyed it. The model had a nice “girl next door” look to her. Happy Birthday!

  2. is a good video…the bad part is that we saw the unmasked heroine at the begining, so the mistery is about who is her “copycat”

  3. I love how the fight scene is so Cat and Mouse like. Yet…some parts are a bit violent. The part where the fall into the bath tub. Pretty awesome.

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