Fan made Batwoman promo posters by riyadgraphisme

[2nd post for today]

Also on this special, I wanna present two unoffical Batwoman promo posters for season 2:

(click to enlarge)

Both very cool posters in my opinion!

The right one: Good idea to have Ryan Wilder AND Batwoman on it even they are the same person.

The poster shows all the character that should play a bigger role in season 2, at least from today’s point of view.

Don’t know how big Julia’s role will be, but perhaps she should be on it as well as she was promoted to a regular cast member.

Tough choice but I slightly prefer the left one I guess.

Here is the Instagram channel of the artist, feel welcome to check his other work there and to follow him on Instagram:

riyadgraphisme on Instagram

Season 2 of Batwoman starts at 8PM on the CW today!

(available on the CW streaming site on mondays after an episode aired on sunday)




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