Ms Marvel Cosplay #1

Today it’s time for Ms Marvel to be featured here! Some great cosplays by two talented cosplayers…

The first 3 pic’s are from a cosplayer named “constantine tokyo”.

The other 3 are from “Miracole Burns”

(She did a great Batgirl suit/cosplay as well, check the “cosplay-section”)

Wanna see the pictures? Here you go:

Besides the damn tiny eyes masks….it’s a really, really great outfit 😉

0 thoughts on “Ms Marvel Cosplay #1”

  1. It is a great outfit! But yeah wish she wore some sort of cowl or something then again Ms. Marvel doesn’t have a secret identity maybe the new one will? A lot of Marvel heroes have seemed to do away with the dual identity thing over recent years

    • Yeah, but will never understand how the superhero-creator think that a superheroine like ms marvel can work withOUT a secret identity. Another reason for DC…at least they have quite a few masked heroines,

      • She’s military so she works with SHIELD so it does work but she’s more like a solider superhero instead of the back alley brawlers we usually see like batgirl and canary and huntress


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