Masked female home invader!

Hey folks, this video is very new for me, and I like it so much that I wanted to share it with you as fast as possible….

A masked woman breaks into a house to find a man under the shower. She has some evil plans…but he knows how to find back! Who will win? Can she kill him? Will he take the victory? Will she be unmasked? Well, check it out!

(click to enlarge)

So, wanna find out what happens? Here is the video!



I really love the rough fight, her mask and the tension about what happens to the masked woman 🙂

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  1. That was a well done scene! Very intense and filmed well. For once shaky cam was appropriate and it wasn’t overdone like a lot of blockbuster movies. You were still able to see what was going on. Would’ve liked it if he yanked her mask off during the tussle heh. Kudos to the guy for keeping his dick off camera throughout lol. Movie magic man is crazy


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