How to start some fetishes in the childhood (…without realising it)

This post is for my Frogwoman blog and my Maskripper blog, it really fits well into both in my opinion.

For today I wanna post a short article about a short comic scene that always excited me since I saw it as a child. Back then, of course, I didn’t understand why I liked that scene so much, but later I got it. It seems like a normal, harmless comic scene in a harmless comic for children. But it fuels several fetishes, and I wanna show that scene to you, so you can understand.


A witch (Gundel Gaukeley) wants to steal the lucky “coin” from Dagobert Duck. She dresses like a woman from an insurance company that wants to insure that coin for free. She uses a blonde wig to disguise her identity (a little weird, that that is enough to fool her arch enemy…but ok). So Dagobert shows the room where the coin is placed.

That room is filled with gas, so they need to use gas masks to enter it. And she uses this opportunity…..

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

….to rip his gas mask off (!), he collapses and can’t stop her from stealing the priceless coin.

What is so exciting in that scene?

Well, basically it fuels two of my fetishes:

1) The “masked women”-fetish:

She uses a wig to mask herself so he wouldn’t recognise her. (ok, not a sexy Batgirl cowl, but…it’s a start)

Then she even puts a gas mask on. In fact a second mask. Now she is perfectly masked and disguised!


2) scuba/breath control/gas mask – fetish

Ok, she isn’t using scuba gear, but a “breathing device” to enter that room full of gas.

And that sudden act of betrayal, when she rips his gas mask off (unmasking) and thereby forces him to inhale the gas…..damn, very exciting stuff 😉

This “act of betrayal” aspect, can be found in my favorite movie as well. In THUNDERBALL, Angelo, the trapped pilot, thinks that Largo will help him out of his jammed seat harness.

But instead he cuts his air hose and drowns him. (link to the video on

Ok, much more ….evil …like in this cartoon…but it has as well this sudden betrayal/attack.

Well, and this week, I got that comic book that I had read as a child (after a long period of research to find that comic).

And now I understand why that scene attracted me back then.

Still love that scene!

Ok, that scene could be improved as well:

In my version he would quickly react, attack her, trying to rip her gas mask off to use it for himself 😉

What do you folks think about this scene?

Can you remember some of your first contact with mask and/or scuba fetish?

Feel welcome to leave a comment behind!

6 thoughts on “How to start some fetishes in the childhood (…without realising it)”

    • Yeah, I remember some spider-man cartoons as well. And these early movies, where he was unmasked in one scene.
      I guess I have forgotten many many scenes that added to the fetishes as well.

  1. I understand everything you’re saying.

    I have vivid memories of reading a story as a child (maybe I was 4 or 5 years old) about a girl who was playing ‘cowboys and indians’ and got caught and tied up and teased. Let’s just say I had a sexual reaction long, long before I even knew what sex or sexuality was. I can think of several more things (dreams/comic book stories etc) that made me react the same. Of course, looking back as an adult now, I understand why. I guess there’s just something in my psyché that gets tripped when it encounters ‘kink’. Yet, for example, my wife isn’t really like this at all and is very vanilla in her sexual tastes. I guess some of us are born with it while others aren’t.

    • Yeah, the people are very different about fetishes.
      I was always fascinated by the huge variety of fetishes. Some I share, some I understand and some I find outright disgusting…. 😆

  2. My fetish came from a couple of episodes of space 1999 back in 1975 when I was a kid, the best one being episode “ The Last Enemy” you see the main woman baddy in a dress then later in the show a black leather suit and helmet ( doubling up for an alien space suit). It transformed her and made me feel all funny inside. But I also loved seeing Bat girl and Catwoman in the old Adam West series, when they were in costume and noticed that I hated seeing them when they were in civilian clothes as their normal selves.

    • Sounds like a really hot episode!
      And yeah, Batgirl and Catwoman in the TV show also influenced me (like many others) as a kid. Don’t know if the thought of a forceful unmasking had come to my mind back then…but is it was always great to see a (proberly) masked woman.


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