Female thief unmasked in public!

So, several weeks ago I presented a trailer. A trailer were a masked Olga Kurylenko is unmasked in public!

Now I got the whole scene!

Here you go, a little preview (without showing the unmasked Olga):

(click to enlarge)

And here is the scene:

Wow, her face after she is unmasked…. and realises that around 20 people watching her. Great!

Your opinion?

The movie title:


15 thoughts on “Female thief unmasked in public!”

  1. OK, let’s just imagine for a second that this is real…

    You’d have thought she’d have tried a little harder to hide her face after her mask was pulled off.

    Nice though 🙂

  2. great clip bro….:)
    can i ask you for help? i can’t watch this video because of restricted country
    Lois and Clark ep chi of steel, can you upload it?
    thanks before

    • Yeah, that one was one of the best finds in the last years. I watched the trailer, where most of the unmasking is already there to see….and I was very, very excited. I mean, how rare is such a scene?
      A woman in such a high-class costume, that won’t give away anything at all, not even that she is a woman. And than her mask gets pulled off in front of the people. WOW…


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