Catwoman: New comic series and a new/better costume (…and copycats!)

Today I wanna celebrate the new Catwoman comic series that started this week. Some great news: Not only that there IS a new Catwoman series after years of absence…she also has a new costume!

And I really like the new one! The goggles on the old costume never worked for me… they didn’t look good… they broke some times….and she had them on her forehead much too often, which ruined the disguise completely.

Now she has a real cowl again! It does look much better and she has a much more “complete” mask in my opinion. And the rest of the costume looks pretty good as well.

A little back story of what happened before the pages I show down below:


The police try to arrest Selina (as they think she is Catwoman 🙁 ) for two murdered cops. She escapes them and watches the news where they say that Catwoman killed these cops.

She wants to prove them wrong. And has now a different costume, so she clearly looks different from the Catwoman that committed the murders…

Catwoman (2018-) 001-002
Alternative Cover....really GREAT!
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Well, besides the cool new costume…I love the idea with the copycats. Seeing so many CatwomEn…. really cool.

And I wonder how Catwoman will handle that situation…perhaps the copycats attack her and try to unmask her 😉

That would be something! And another run-in with the police would be interesting as well.

But this time as Catwoman…please!

What is your opinion on the costume?

…and on the story?

Leave your comment below!

And here is the comic:

Catwoman 001

8 thoughts on “Catwoman: New comic series and a new/better costume (…and copycats!)”

  1. Great news, Sig, ’cause I never cared for the goggles on her either. The cowl is much more in the best tradition of superhero comics. Thanks for updating everyone on the character.

  2. Happy 5th Year Anniversary! I’m a day or two early…but, I’d figure I post a reply before I forget. Thanks for the many posts over the years.

  3. I guess Selina’s identity is back to being secret again? The costume is neat but I find the open armptis weird. I’m sure some folks into that sort of thing will be super excited though

    • Well, I don’t know if her identity is a real secret…but at least the police don’t have proof that she is Catwoman. They just suspect her.
      Otherwise it wouldn’t work for me. In my version only Batman would know who she is…and maybe one close friend. The secret part of “secret identity” is kind of very important to me.
      Regarding her armpits..well, it looks a little strange to me too, but I guess they are trying to make it more comfortable for Catwoman. If the costume is made out of latex or leather it would get very hot in it. This way she should be fine.
      And thanks for your comment!

  4. I know I may bring ridicule down on myself for this controversy but I actually prefer the Catwoman costume with the goggles. It looked more practical and sexy to me, but I will acknowledge that this may be because the costume reminds me of the silver one worn very breifly by Nicoletta Machiavelli in the 1967 film Matchless, she looked very sexy in that suit while hanging from a paraglider( before she quickly stripped it off) What can I say it caught me at an impressionable age.


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