Captain Grisham wants to unmask the Queen of Swords – #1

The evil Captain Grisham trapped the Queen of Swords in a mine. She can’t escape and he wants to unmask her once and for all. This is the first scene in the mine.

And Captain Grisham isn’t a quitter, he will try harder to see her beautiful face unmasked.

Other parts of the episode may follow 😉

The Queen of Swords from the TV-series with the same name is some sort of female Zorro. She steals from the rich and sabotages the evil Colonel Montoya who terrorizes the poor.

0 thoughts on “Captain Grisham wants to unmask the Queen of Swords – #1”

  1. I never liked her mask because you could see right through it. It is lace so how could that conceal your true identity?? But I enjoy it anyway because they were always trying to see her face.

    • Yeah, her mask could be bettern no doubt. But a whole(!) series with a masked female zorro…. 🙂 One of my biggest hits on my hunt for movies and TV-series with masked women…

  2. I always thought she was so sexy. I love the moment when the tip of the sword slides under her mask. She finally has the look of concern on her face as she leans away from the blade.


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