What can you do to keep me motivated to run this blog?

Hey folks! Just a post about my motivation for this blog:

*EDIT*: That is not supposed to be a rant for the “feedback” situation right now (that has been worse in the past), it is just some sort of reminder for the 98% that doesn’t give any feedback at all. Perhaps we can reduce that to 96% ;-), that would be a victory already.

Why do I run this blog (and these two sister blogs), what is my motivation? Because it takes a lot of time to make the post, edit the videos and most important: It takes much time to know about these interesting scenes in the first place! Sometimes I get recommendations and find stuff online, BUT it is a lot of research! And that takes time….and a lot of it! There isn’t a lexicon with links to all the great scenes….

Well, what motivates my to run this blog (and the youtube channel)?


– Feedback on the posts/videos  (getting in touch with folks with the same interests)

—-You can comment here on the site with the comment function at the bottom of each post

—-You can comment on youtube, leave a “like” and subscribe to my channel there (Maskripper on youtube)

—-You can contact me more directly by using the contact page (check the menu for that page)


– Recommendations for scenes I don’t know

—- That way I learn about new stuff (for me at least), and that is very satisfying! I do know many, many scenes/movies/TV-series, but there are always scenes that I don’t know yet.


– You can donate and get in the VIP-club

Well, it is a donation for this blog. And that makes me happy too. It isn’t much that comes out of it, but if 3 or 4 folks donate something each month, that is already a lot for me.

And if you donate, you will get access to the VIP club where you can see videos, that I can’t post on the “normal” blog.


In know it is tough to recommend me stuff, and not everyone has a paypal account or money to donate.

But to subscribe to my youtube channel and click on “like” if you actually like the video, that is rather easy! And it doesn’t take much time…

Let’s see if nobody would give feedback, recommend or donate anything….well, there would be no reason to spend that much time in keep running the sites and youtube channels.

So, I just wanna encourage the folks, who did nothing of that….. to be a little active! Don’t just lurk around the internet….



11 thoughts on “What can you do to keep me motivated to run this blog?”

  1. “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

    Ah, I know it must be frustrating for you. If I were you I’d probably feel the same way. But unfortunately, you have to remember that no one asked for you to make this website. While I’m sure we all appreciate the effort you put into it (I certainly do), most just like to consume and move on. I’m afraid you have to accept that to a large degree.

    When it stops becoming enjoyable or becomes too stressful, I’d suggest you do the same: stop. All the best.

    • Yeah, I know how few actually contributes something in comparison of how many watched the video/post/text/whatever. I know forums where someone makes a post, then you have hundreds or thousands(!!!!) of views after some days/weeks. And not one single reply…????!!!!! I wonder why? I mean, if you are interested in the topic, if you watch the video…you do have an opinion about it. Of course I too, watch a lot of videos on youtube for example …without giving feedback. But if I really like the video, I click on like button. That takes one second. That isn’t too hard and not too much to ask. And I read the comments and from time to time and I will write a comment too from timie to time. It is a reward/encouragement for the guy who uploaded the video. I do understand that most people just watch and watch and watch. But let’s say if 100 people watch a video…if at least 5 of them would do anything, anything at all that would be kind of cool.

  2. One thing…I might get a lot of heat for saying this…but, why not just post once a month. Focus on your two other blogs. That way it’s a Special Treat once a month. Also…if it’s only once a month…you can post two times as much content or 3 times.
    I’m sure we can get those Youtube Subscriber numbers to go up eventually. But, I can tell you this…You have really did a Great job taken over where Unmasker left off.

    • For most posts I only want one topic. I don’t wanna pack different videos from different movies into one post (when they don’t fit to a topic). So, if I would post one time per month, it would been 2-4 posts I guess. And that wouldn’t make much sense for me. I prefer to post once a week, and perhaps sometimes eben twice a week, when something special appeared.
      In the past I took a small break sometimes, when I was completely out of material or time. But I think “normally once a week” is a good thing.
      Thanks for the compliments! Well, if I remember right I started when the unmasker was still running his blog. But I’m not sure.

  3. I don’t know if this counts but there was an episode of season 2 of the 90’s channel 4 game show
    “ don’t forget your toothbrush “
    In one episode the host Chris Evans ( then) girlfriend Jaden Doran came on in wearing a full black leather biker jump suit and full face black helmet. Her famous gimick was to whip her hat off and let her hair cascade down, and she did not disappoint when she ripped her helmet off. I have been unable to find this episode but there are pictures of it on the net.

    • Thanks for the reco., but that would only count if she actually would hide her identity with it. Don’t think that happens in a gameshow…hmh, I should plan a gameshow for unmaskings 😉


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