Breathtaking sexy thieves!

I know, this blog is called Maskripper and the women don’t wear masks. Why here, and not on Sexyleg (the boots would qualify)? Well, first: the catsuits fit better to this blog. And, their catsuits and boots alone are sooooo sexy, that I must post them here.

And second: They are thieves, they are breaking into a building. They SHOULD have masks on!! But I already hear the producers and staff talking about it: “No, you can’t hide these faces under masks…..” 🙁

A damn shame! But we got to see 4 sexy women in stunning catsuits, and I won’t complain about it….


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Imagine these women in these suits with MASKS….

And a bunch of security guards attacking them, trying to rip off their masks… 😉

The title of the movie:




5 thoughts on “Breathtaking sexy thieves!”

  1. Very nice. If they had to wear a mask I think a scuba mask would be most appropriate ( kinky divers) foot note The red head with the pig tails is actually the film directors wife. I bet that scenes pitch involved a very interesting conversation.

  2. Out of these 4 women, I like Eliza Dusku and Ali Larter. They are both so hot. I don’t really care for Shannon Elizabeth. I’m not familiar with the other woman.


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