Batwoman in the Flash Armageddon event – Update

A quick post about Batwoman/Ryan Wilder’s appearance in the Flash Armageddon event.

Minor Spoilers ahead!

Minor Spoilers ahead!

As you may know by now this event takes place in the first 5 episodes of season 8 of The Flash.

Ryan first briefly appears in the last moments of episode 3.

This week, episode 4 aired and finally, we get some real screentime of both.

Yeah, Batwoman is only there for a short action scene, but at least something. Later on, Ryan appears in a short scene with Iris as well, but that’s it for this episode.

Some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

These scenes play 10 years in the future, or to be more precise….in A possible future.

So, it’s hard to say how serious to take all of it….at least for me.

In this future, Ryan and Sophie wanna adopt a child which is a possible hint that they might end up together like some folks including me, are thinking.

But well, as I said, it is A possible future….so hard to say how this episode can be seen as an indicator of how things will develop.

It’s a fun episode and as there is one more episode to go….I hope that Batwoman will return for that!

So far, the (new) Arrow hasn’t shown up so I am thrilled for her appearance in the next episode.

Here is a Batwoman poster for the Armageddon event:

(click to enlarge)

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