The cowls/masks of Batwoman [from CW TV show]

[last updated: September 10th]

On this page I wanna present all the different cowls/masks that Batwoman (Ruby Rose) has worn so far on the CW TV show.

I will show them in the order they were presented in the timeline of the TV show.

Here a picture with all the version so far:

Version I

The “Batman Version” (modified for Batwoman from Luke)

The cowl was only used in episodes 1 and 2 of the TV show

(click to enlarge)

Most noticeable features (in comparison to the other ones):

– no wig!

– very “round” form as it gets pretty “wide”

– looks like it was made completely out of rubber

– looks much softer in comparison to Version I (less edges)

My opinion on it:

It is very different to the others due to missing wig. That way you can see the whole cowl/mask.

On the bad side it looks very wide which gives Batwoman’s head a slightly weird shape.

On the other hand I really like that is looks very much like rubber and not plastic (as Batman’s mask in the Nolan movies).



Version II

The Batwoman cowl from the Elseworlds Crossover, which takes place between episodes 3 and 4 of the TV show, but was shown BEFORE the TV show, as the Crossover was shown before the show started.

This one was used in the 3 episodes of the Elseworlds Crossover (mostly in part 2)….

(click to enlarge)


……and for promo material:

(click to enlarge)

Most noticeable features (in comparison to the other ones):

– most nose “concealment”, only very very little is viewable

– mid face section uses sligthly differnt color/material(?) then the rest of the cowl

– the eye section is slightly pointing away from the face/eyes (edges)

– the mask goes higher than other versions (the point where the wig starts)

My opinion on it:

It looks good. The combination with the wig fits. It looks a little bit “edgy” (eye section, extra long nose cover)



Version III

The modified Batwoman cowl, in which Batwoman showed herself as Batwoman as the people confused her with Batman in the other cowl.

Was used from episode 3 to 10.

(click to enlarge)

……and for promo material (examples):

(click to enlarge)

Most noticeable features (in comparison to the other ones):

– The material looks like rubber completely (unlike Version I that was used in the Elseworlds Crossover).

– It looks more narrow than the previous cowls.

– The material looks thicker than before

My opinion on it:

This one is my favorite yet! Haven’t seen enough from version IV (below).

It covers enough of her face, looks secure with the chin strap. Hard to tell if the cowl goes completely around the head as the wig is always wrapped around it.

I really like the texture and design!




Version IV:

Debut in episode 10/11.

Shown on the CatCo magazine cover in episode 10, in the weird midseason trailer for multiple episodes, in episode 11 and in trailer for episode 12.

(click to enlarge)

Most noticeable features (in comparison to the other ones):

– The chin strap is gone, alongside most of the material on the sides below the nose

– The neck protection is gone, for the first time see can see Batwoman’s neck

– The mask material is now thinner with a sleakier design

– Her wig looks a little different(?)

My opinion on it:

I spotted this cowl last year on a set picture and was surprised by it.

It does look pretty good. I’m not sure why they changed it. (comfort?/storywise?/optics?)

If the mask isn’t attached somehow, the missing chin strap could become really dangerous, as the mask seemingly goes off much easier than before.

Also the missing neck piece exposes her vulnerable neck. Why would she do that?

The biggest advancement in my opinion is that they could now film unmaskings much easier….



……to be continued …as Javicia Leslie will get a new cowl for season 2 for sure!


What do you think about the different versions?

You are welcome to leave a comment!


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