Arrow – Ravager unmasked

To celebrate the new entry in Maskrippers Hall of Fame I have another unmasking!

I was really thrilled the first time as I saw Ravager on the Arrow tv-series. Her rubber mask covers a lot of her face. And it really looks well secured to prevent a fast unmasking.

But of course if you are the director of this episode you can cheat….. cheat big time 🙁


(click to enlarge)

And here is the scene:

WTF? I was really disappointed by the unmasking. But Summer Glau’s surprised and unmasked face is great!

And not to forget: There are 3 (!!!) masked women battling each other (2 VS 1) in this scene! How great is that??????

Your opinion?

And don’t forget to check out the new entry in the Hall of fame!

13 thoughts on “Arrow – Ravager unmasked”

  1. World’s fastest unmasking…EVER….LOL! I had to rewind over and over….I missed it like 4 times….That’s lightening fast!!!

    • If you look picture by picture (frame by frame), you see the ugly truth. In one frame she still grabs at her mask, and in the next she is holding her complete mask in her hand before tossing it away. Completely impossible with such a mask (without damaging it). And of course her face paint has vanished from one second to another….
      The unmasked her without an unmasking. Cheaters!!!!

  2. I suppose anytime there’s Face paint, they would have to do it in Editing. Batman Returns did it with Batman. Black Scorpion did it too…on the show and the Movie.

    • Good thing the Black Canary 2 hasn’t got any face paint. Still hope for an unmasking…
      But I hate cuts like here. They prevent a good unmasking, and every time i think: Where’s the face paint gone?
      If you use it keep it on after the unmasking. Would be my approach. It can be removed afterwards…. (a little 2nd unmasking)

  3. The mask does cover a good part of her face but I wasn’t a fan of the design. It made her head look really big. I also thought they didn’t handle her character that well storywise

    • Regarding the mask: The mask in the comic more looks like cloth with no security at all. The mask here could use more details, but I like the material and coverage 😉
      I don’t know that character at all from the comics, but yes they could have handled her better, more screentime in mask and more time in general to explpre/explain the character.

  4. Very nice. Shame there wasn’t better freeze frame action.

    Whilst most of us probably prefer a nice slow, teasing unmasking, there’s something to be said for a brutal ‘mask rip, blink and you’ve missed it’ unmasking. That shocked look on the heroine’s face (like in this clip) and nice too.

    Guess we should be grateful for occasional mainstream clips like this. After all, they’re hardly going to put much effort into satisfying the desires of a tiny subsection of comic book fans like us 🙂

  5. Thanks, its mean from episode 19 to 23. its great scene. but its too fast when unmasked scene. do you know when the masked veil girl fisrt appear?


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