Spider-girl Cosplay #1

Time for some Spider-girl cosplay! All in all 14 pictures (7 of them UNMASKED )!

Thanks to DamaskDan for linking me to her ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Good job!



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Here you can see all 14 pictures (incl. the unmasked-ones):

And here is the FB site of the cosplayer who did this great job:

LINK: Cosplayer

Great cosplay!


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  1. Good costume! She also did a photo shoot with a good Venom cosplayer with her bring defeated and unmasked. I saw awhile back in the Tske Iff Your Mask forums

    I wonder how she keeps all that hair in there lol! I prefer Mayday but maybe SpiderGwen will generate some new stories and images with her being unmasked especially since she’s wanted for crimes


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