This blog is now 3 days old…

…time to write down some of my thoughts about it after I posted a quite a lot in that short period (12 posts). I am happy about the first followers and the stats (visitors/views) doesn’t look bad either. Thanks to everyone who found his/her way to my site!

I would like to encourage you to get involved a little more. How?

1) Comment on an article, start a little discussion about it. It’s always interesting to see how other people think about something you care about, or?


2) Use the follow option on the right side to keep updated about new posts from the site


3) Wanna leave some feedback? Or you have some questions? Drop me a message!About the site + Contact


4) Send me a link to some stuff, that would fit into this site. This way everybody will have the chance to see it.


5) If you wanna express some gratitude about the sexy posts you have the option to send me some dollars, euro, pounds whatever with Paypal. “About the site + Contact” for more details.

Of course I don’t expect earning serious money with this blog, but a little extra in addition to my damn job would be highly welcome 😉

And now on with show, a nice video will follow….

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